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What is the best BPA-free bottle that looks normal?

Asked by wheedwacker (15points) January 11th, 2010

What is the best BPA-free and non-PET bottle that looks normal, like a normal SmartWater or Arrowhead bottle, with a screw-on cap about the size of a quarter or so.

Price isn’t really an issue as long as the bottle is reusable.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Nalgenes are BPA-free now, and they’re the “industry standard” if you will.

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Agreed. I love my BPA-free Nalgene.

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I used Nalgenes for years, switched to Sigg after the BPA scare. Now with the BPA free Nalgenes, I go back and forth between the two. (the Sigg’s dent when you drop them, but that gives them character)

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“Normal” is probably subjective in this case but I really recommend trying out Klean Kanteens . They’re stainless steel, but are aesthetically pleasing and very durable.

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I love my Sigg. I have Camelbak but it always drips out around the side and I hate using the straw.

@row4food – I agree, the dents and scratches make it look like it has had a interesting life!

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