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What should I use to properly clean my laptop/screen?

Asked by jesslc323 (127points) January 12th, 2010

I don’t want to use anything that might ruin the lcd screen. I would also like to wipe down the keys and would like to know if there is anything specific to clean them with aswell.

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I’ve used a soft cloth damp with Isopropyl Alcohol for years for the screen, keyboard, casing without issue.

Might want to test it though if there’s some sort of special coating on an area to make sure it doesn’t react poorly with it or remove it.

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Here is the results of a Google search for laptop screen cleaners.

Here is an article on how to clean your laptop.

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Staying away from alcohol-based cleaners is wise. Alcohol will dry out whatever it comes into contact with. We have a few spray bottles in the washrooms filled with 1 part water and 1 part vinegar for mirrors, tabletops, computer screen, keyboards, you name it…. just make sure your rag is clean. Vinegar (acetic acid) is very affordable and is a natural cleaning solvent.

Tip: spray your solution onto the rag a bit and avoid spraying the screen. Otherwise the solution could get trapped along the edges of the screen and eventually leak in and cause damage.

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I use baby wipes. They do the job.

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Microfiber cloth & Monster brand screen-cleaner. It’s the only thing I use. :)

I use the same thing for the keys.

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Water and a microfiber cloth.Anything else is a waste of money and could possibly damage your screen.

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