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Do you believe that when a star falls we should make a wish?

Asked by deepdivercwa55m (353points) January 12th, 2010

Its kinda childish but what do you think? I know a lot of people that wish while they know that their wish won’t come true. Do you wish? If you don’t, why??

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It can be a cute little habit, but “should” we make a wish? Nah, unless it makes you happy.
I don’t, just because it’s silly and I have enough silly habits. :)

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I do. I don’t believe in it but it’s somehow it makes me happy. It’s a throwback to a simpler way of thinking, reminds me of the vastness beyond myself, and provides a small inspiration of hope because if you can catch a glimpse of that perhaps you can catch what your chasing.

Cyclical meteor shower’s don’t count btw…

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I don’t know if we should or not but I always do.

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titania welcome to fluther!!

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@titania welcome as well. great question.

I think yes. Making a wish is something that should lift your spirits, and, even if it doesn’t come true, it should bring you a glimmer of hope.

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No, because stars don’t fall and wishes don’t come from them lol.

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It’s not a star falling just a piece of space debris that burns up upon entry and makes a bright streak.

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I’ve heard that the ancient Chinese saw meteors (falling stars) as signs of the descent of a dynasty or something. I’ve searched for a source that confirms this, but I must not be using the right search terms. I don’t think Chinese people would be wishing on falling stars in that case.

So, basically, uh, not really. I never really caught on to the whole “wish upon a falling star” thing as a kid for some reason. Meteor showers are amazing to witness, but knowing the science behind them kind of makes them lose that “magical” quality for me.

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It disney do any good.

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Doesn’t hurt to try if the opportunity comes up.

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It falls into the category of superstition, but it’s a sweet one I learned in my earliest childhood.

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Yes, we should. Making honest wishes is a very healthy thing. However there is no correlation between the glowing meteor and the wish coming true. We have to do this ourselves.

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@Blackberry Regional dialect. Basically what i’m saying is, when you wish upon a star your not going to get any joy so why bother? ...??

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@ucme Oh ok I see :)

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