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Is there something that your SO does, or has done, that your find extremely touching?

Asked by titania (44points) January 12th, 2010

It can be something big, or little somethings that they do once in awhile or even every day, but they just make you feel so special. What are they?

For me, it’s the little things like when she asks for my opinion, when she tells me how hot I look in an outfit, when she sneaks in little kisses or holds my hand when we’re out in public and she thinks no one is looking, when she looks in my eyes when we’re in bed together and tells me she is so lucky to have me. There are so many other little things like that that just make my heart flutter. What does it for you?

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there are a ton of things, mostly little things, the way she’ll say something or an expression, her timing, lol, even just the way her hair falls some days, or her rhythmic breathing at night when I’m up late.

but if I had to pick one think in particular… probably the way she falls asleep with me when we’re watching a movie. She can start off on the other side of the couch but inevitably as she gets more and more tired she gets closer and closer and in the end we’re usually spooned with my arm around her and my face nuzzled in her hair. Something about that… just feels so right…

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I just feel taken care of when she is around. It’s a little hard to explain. It’s nothing specific. She just seems to anticipate what I need before I articulate it. I hope I take care of her half as well.

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@wonderingwhy I know just what you mean about cuddling on the couch ‘just feeling right’. Thank you for your answer!

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My guy has this thing where he winks at me when we’re with company and we can’t exactly talk in private. It’s not exactly “touching”, and it’s more cute than anything, but I find it simply irresistible.

We also live continents apart, and out of the blue, he’ll just email me to say ilu. Melts my heart every time.

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@eeveegurl that is “pretty cool!”

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It’s in his eyes – I just know that he loves me and would do anything for me.
It’s how he ignores the 10 annoying things I do and thanks me for the 1 other thing.
It’s how he touches me.
It’s how he asks what he can do for me.
It’s how he holds my hand.
It’s how he always tries to figure out what he can do better.
It’s how he knows when I need something.
It’s how he understands when I shut down… and how he tries to bring me back.

God, I love him so much!

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There are many things – he is an extremely thoughtful person…when he makes me lunch for work, he always writes little notes on the napkin…when he gets deliveries, he waits for me to come home because he knows I like opening up boxes…when I need time to myself, he kisses me and leaves the room to do whatever…when I haven’t slept, he makes the bed for me in the living room and shuts the curtains and makes sure it feels like it’s night time for me…he sends me picture texts every 15 minutes of himself and the baby because he knows it’s hard for me to go to work…he tells me to stay off the scale around my periods so I don’t berate myself for gaining weight…he hides the scale…he makes sure (even thought he doesn’t eat any of this) that the fridge always is stocked with hot sauce, caesar dressing, chocolate candy and that there’s always cereal and green tea for my breakfasts…he writes me songs all the time about me and about us…if I have a freakout about something, you can bet he will do something about it as a secret…he makes sure that I take my meds daily…he gets up in the middle of the night at my request because I freak out that the baby’s not breathing even if he thinks I’m paranoid…he LISTENS…and he communicates and he makes me laugh all the damn time…he makes sure his parents and all my friends get me the presents that I’ve been wishing for on my birthday…he tries (hard) to understand the four different types of clothing I have (work, home, tango, yoga) and puts laundry into appropriate areas..when I say I’m fat and ugly, he pretends he didn’t hear and says ‘What’d you say? You’re beautiful and perfect in every way? I thought that’s what I heard”...I can go on and on on..he’s a beautiful human being. And a true love of my life.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Wow. That was beautiful. What an amazing guy!

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@titania truly, he is wonderful.

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She’s an artist and has sketched me a few times, makes me breakfast and gets up before I do, and brings me coffee, she does a little serenade with her guitar and she’s writing a novel right now. I’m in it. Pretty exciting.

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@jmah That sounds incredibly romantic!

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@titania yeah, she’s a great girl.

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the last thing i want need right now is a boyfriend, but damn these make me jealous!!

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The Wife and I have a restaurant we go to in San Francisco that has an outdoor patio, a dining room and a bar. We go there and get a table and get the name of the waitress and run a tab, and order some food and share forks, spoons and kiss and scoot close because it’s in a corner next to a plant (a little dark). Then we move to the bar and get a drink and share the fruit and order some snacks too, the bartender gives us the bill a we write our waitresses name on it a go outside and order more snacks (this is over a three hour period) cuddle, feed each other and if it’s a good table- fondle too! then we get up and go find our first waitress and tell her our table numbers so she can do the bill and then Take her home with us for a Meal and Pampering!

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She puts up with me. And I know it.

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And @timothykinney ; you give her Some HARD Times to reciprocate…

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She allowed me to be the father of our children. For me that is as touching as touching gets.

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@Cupcake that was “pretty cool!”

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@Cupcake sounds like the perfect relationship. Did not know they existed!

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This is likely gonna be loooong!

In Elementary school I was teased sooo bad, I had no friends and actually began to turn to my stuffed animals for friendship. I would bring them to school, play with them on the play ground. This made me even more of a “weird” kid, but I didn’t care, I was happy in my imagination and in finding a friend.

As I grew up, stuffed animals have played a big part in my own personal life. I have a severe phobia of the dark and still sleep with a stuffie at night. (Some might look at this as childish, and I can understand why, but I see it as that it’s not harming me and it’s a positive solution.) Anyways, I have always had a connection with stuffies because of how they have helped me through so many difficult times through out my life.

My SO, not only understands but respects this and tells me it’s one of the many things he loves about me. He embraces the fact that there is a good chance there will always be a stuffie in our bed at night, and treats them kindly. I have had a name for every one I have had, my current one is a floppy puppy named Henry :D. He will call him “Henry”, tuck him in bed when we get up in the mornings and always makes sure he’s tucked up with me while I sleep at night.

It might sound completely bizarre to most people, but to me it’s happiness in one of the greatest forms. He understands me <3

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We were both very matter of fact people and made a good, if not a very emotive team. Shortly after our daughter was born he wrote her the lovliest poem.

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There’s a long, long list, but the one thing she does that I find most touching is when, for no particular reason, she puts her arms around me and tells me that she loves me more than she can say. She usually gets a bit choked up whenever she does this, so the force of her emotion is enough to totally melt my heart. I have to confess that it makes me choke up a bit as well. : )

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He helped save a man’s life.

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He brings me coffee on weekend mornings, Nothing makes me happier

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@Cupcake One of the most beautifu things I have ever read.

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When I got a new phone once, there was something on it that was sort of like an sos, I accidently sent it to my boyfriend and he came rushing home from work to see if I was ok. Just left his work, didn’t tell anyone where he was going.

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@Cupcake Sounds like a country hit!

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