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What is the most effective martial art?

Asked by tj27 (40points) February 28th, 2008

Sure there are different types for different purposes: Weapon combat, non-weapon combat, defensive, aggressive, etc. For your average dude on the street, what is the most effective. all-purpose martial art. (Please exclude those that require many years of lessons before you can do anything useful).

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Mixed martial arts/ MMA

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i’ve done karate and judo and i find a mix of both the most useful thing ever

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I’ve been told that Filipino Kali and Krav Maga are both good choices.

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I’d say in this order: Judo, Krav Maga, and Aikido.

All three have alot in common. Be careful on the Krav Maga instructors. I’ve seen alot of people turn it into a women’s kickboxing class, at which point it becomes utter crap. I also noted that you don’t want anything that takes years to learn. Bad news, they all take time to get good at master. You’re not going to walk away with anything overnight. If you’re cocky and think you’re better than you really are, you’re going to get yourself hurt in the real world. Just be careful about that.

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jujitsu I don’t know if that’s how you spell it or not but that’s what the Maines use so it must be the best of the best

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I did martial arts for 10 years and have studio Karate, Kung Fu, Wu shy, Bo jitsu and more. My personnel opinion is Wing Chung is by far the best. Clean and effective syle, inteligent and economic movements, it really does work.

It was what Bruce Lee used but thats just by-the-by, he never really used it in his films as it wasn’t flambouyant enough.

Try it, truly is great, if I had more time in my hands I would still be doing it today.

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There is nothing more useful in the street than boxing (imho). You can be a good fighter after 6 months of training. Ideally, you would also do jiu-jitsu. But as the number one I would put boxing or muay thai, although it will take a little longer to become good at muay thai.

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a weapon is absolutely lethal, the movement of kinetic energy… like I bet your not that coordianted, try juggling, no I joke and joke and joke, play tennis, then buy a 6000 calibur mario gun.

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is more effective and very popular in USA.

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