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Are XM and Sirius satellite radio merging?

Asked by blink1181 (2points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

investor prospective

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I doubt it. Would be best for both companies since neither can turn a profit. I don’t think the government would allow it. Satellite radio is dead from the iPod.

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No yeah it’s true. They have to because they can’t survive alone. XM is better though.

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Who cares, I have an iPhone!

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Yeah, Who cares that you have an iphone….
Just kidding….
Ouch, tough room…

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a merger would be really good… That would be the best of what both systems have to offer… I love xm, but mainly for O&A and Ron and Fez…. Sirius I think organizes their music better… You always hear a great a great song. On xm you seem to get a lot of B sides. The govenment I think sees a merger as a monopoly….

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