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Do you think Fluther's signal-to-noise ratio has taken a turn for the worse?

Asked by paulc (2914points) February 28th, 2008

All user-driven sites have a point where an overabundance of users contributing junk can tip it into obsolescence. Will it pass? Has fluther become the unofficial iPhone support site?

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It will pass don’t worry. They’ve just never had a reason to use it until they could do it on their phone. But I will admit I am one of the teenagers just starting to use it now that it’s on iPhone. Except I’ve given all legitimate answers and questions. Which shows that some good could come out of fluther for iPhone.

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was the type of question asked about the SDK not the type of ? For this site? I just discovered it today on the iPhone, I think its a cool and functional site to use. What type of questions should be asked? Opinions, poll type questions, hypothetical?

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Topics that can be discussed/debated are loved here. Anything that can be found through a google/wikipedia search isn’t very… productive.

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While reading posts from the last few weeks… the term ” jumped the shark” has come to mind?

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That’s when the “questions for you” become more relevant than the questions on the main page. Those might suffer a bit from the influx of new users, but they’ll be somewhat more relevant and/or interesting.

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I think it’s getting close. I think there should be a “bury” feature. Duplicate questions get asked over and over and there is no way to moderate them away.

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it could be like if 3–5 separate users click a question saying it Is bunk, the question is cleared

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exactly… Like a veto on halo 3. If enough people veto the question, bye bye.

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@freerangemonkey, That wouldn’t really work because there would be nothing stopping someone from signing for a bunch of accounts and flagging until the quota is met. The reason that works in multiplayer games is that there’s a known number of people involved so there can be a clear majority. On a site like this it would have to either depend on the number of people viewing a question or the total number of people on the site. It just gets more complicated from there.

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@freerangemonkey: this is not digg. A lot of people here have answers that would get buried because of other’s inability to comprehend the meaning. For example, if hossman were to post really long detailed responses on digg, my bet would be most digg users would bury his comments and the same thing would happen here

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I think they are talking about burying questions, as opposed to comments.

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Yes, the signal to noise ratio has taken a drastic turn for the worse. If it continues to be as bad as it has been for the past couple days, I’ll have to find another worktime diversion.

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I think it will quiet down some. I hope it will quiet down some. I just weep for the poor moderators.
@mizra: Anybody heard from hossman? I haven’t seen a response in days. Did we lose him?

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How does moderation work here?


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@breedmitch: nope haven’t heard from hossman for about two weeks now . He definitelyhasn’t left fluther because he logged in yesterday. Last time I spoke with him, he was a substitute teacher for a high school.

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@mizra:That’s right. I forgot he said recently that he wouldn’t have as much time for fluther now that he was teaching again. Good to know that he’s checking in though. What he must think…

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@breedmitch: it’s m-i-r-z-a (sorry but you had two typos in a row)

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I’m so sorry. Please forgive. My monitor is my tv and sometimes those letters get really tiny way over there. I’ll remember from now on. :)

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squirbel burying questions or answers would change this site as mirza pointed out. As far as moderation it is a community effort if you click on flag you’ll find
Get rid of this answer or Question! It is…

* Spam
* Obscene
* Dumb
* Full of lies
* Something else

As far as repeated questions we’ll have to live with that but often people who wont answer old question’s will answer the new one and often the old question will get linked in providing fresh interaction as well as the thoughts from older flutherers in the linked question.

There are a lot of silly question’s asked when a large influx of people come in but many that stay will add to the discussions in the future.

Ben and Andrew have done really well in maintaining a very civil atmosphere where people with very strong opinions and diverse interests, are coming to develop respect for other people with differing view points.

Oh to answer the question yes noise has gone up but I believe signal will clear. Welcome to all the new users hope you enjoy and we all look forward to your insights and contributions as fluthers.

breedmitch, mirza , I saw a post from hossman in one of the many question this last couple of days, it was easy to miss it was only about 4 lines long :)

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Sorry, I cannot see any flag of that sort on the iPhone interface. I checked it on my computer, and saw it there. The fluther I experience is just a little different and still in development, so I apologize if my questions seem a little basic.

As I’ve gathered from reading old posts, the owners of the site put a lot of time and effort into Fluther and I think they are great!

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squirbel, no reason to apologize I don’t use an I-Phone so I’m not familiar to what you see on it.
Yes Ben and Andrew are committed to keeping a fluent and enjoyable experience for all of us.
Also it appears somewhat contagious as others see the benefit of quality interaction based more on respect and not who can put who down more.

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