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Should I go ahead and whack it off?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3707points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

My wife and I found out that we were having a baby in October, so I started growing my hair out for Locks of Love. They say on their website that it needs to be ten inches long, but they sell the shorter hair.(that’s how I understood it) Anyway, mine is about seven inches long now, and I can’t stand it. I appreciate any input.

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Yes. And the faster you do it the better you will feel.

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I’ve heard that Lock’s of Love Canada accepts 8 inches of hair. Might want to consider that, if you can last another inch. Remember that it needs to be 8 (or 10) inches in a ponytail or braid, not from scalp to tip. How fast does your hair grow?

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If you’re seriously old enough to have a wife than you’d know why this is a terrible title for any question. You’re obviously just being immature.

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What a cool thing you are doing. As a cancer survivor, that makes me smile.

If they accept your length of hair, let it go and cut it off.

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Yea so umm that was a misleading title for your question. I’m sitting here like oh my why is someone asking this on fluther.

As for the hair, hold out if you can since its for such a good cause. If not “whack it off” as you put it.

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Ya I thought that was going somewhere else even after the first clause of the description.

I suggest holding out for the minimum length if you can. Remember why you chose to start, what you’re committed to, and how the lives are of the people you’re helping out. We all get sick, and the caring of others makes a huge difference. Also if you complete it, you will feel much different about it afterwards, compared to if you give up on it, and your example will have effects on other people far beyond yourself and even the people you know. For example, Locks of Love wasn’t even something I knew about before you brought this up, and I’m sure to mention it to others. If you stick it out and share that here, I’ll probably also mention that to others, and you’ll be inspiring people to make a difference and stick out to what they’re committed to. People whom you’ll never meet, but who will make a difference and inspire others. And that’s just you and me – the wave of effect really goes on without end when you do something inspiring.

And then there’s hair discomfort. What are you having trouble standing about it? Maybe there’s a simple way to stop it bothering you.

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