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What music should I buy?

Asked by ubersiren (15193points) January 14th, 2010

I got some itunes gift cards for Christmas and they’re burning a hole in my pocket! What music should I buy?

I enjoy many kinds of popular music. Here are some of my favorite performers. I’d like to find something fairly new (or even that sounds like one or a combination of them.

Ben Folds
The Beatles
Johnny Cash
Dolly Parton
The Flaming Lips
Modest Mouse
Death Cab for Cutie
The Killers
Bobby McFerrin
The Presidents of the United States of America
Jimi Hendrix
Frank Sinatra
Neil Diamond
The Foo Fighters
Micky Avalon
Coldplay (I can’t help it, don’t make fun)
The Marshall Tucker Band

I love tons more, but these are some of the ones which have been most consistently good for me. I also really enjoy Irish rock, bluegrass, some r&b, mellow rock (something like Granddaddy) and nothing in particular! Anything you can recommend that you think I’d enjoy, or that you really enjoy, I’ll look into. I’m so out of touch with music lately (disgraceful!) Greatly appreciate it!

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Everyone is different and i am no exception. i like vaired artists. when i look for new music, i attempt to get my moneys worth. i look for music that has various artists in one collection. this way, its like listening to an FM station, without the commercials and talk. i tend to play this collection over and over again.

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mm why is Muse not on that list

/edit: Use to find similar artists to what you like. Good website :)

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If you like Bluegrass try Bela Fleck, Blue Highway, Grandpa Jones, J.D. Crowe,. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are pretty great too (though they’re a bit more Jazz) same with Victor Wooton (member of the Flecktones).

If you like Frank, a little Bing Crosby seems like a good add, maybe Harry Connick, Jr. too. A lot of people I knew who were into Raidohead also liked early Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream)

Give Pandora a try too, you’ll almost certainly find some good stuff there.

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I’d suggest Reverend and The Makers and Kaiser Chiefs.

I think you should listen to some songs on YouTube first and if you like them you can be sure of what you’re buying.

You could also use iTunes’ Genius to see artists that are of the same genre as those that you listed.

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You like Queen, check out Muse (their new album). This is fucking magic.

Here’s my I’ll come back in a bit and see if I can find pick out some artists (similar to what you posted above).

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I like that Great Lake Swimmer tune you linked.

I do like a few Muse songs. I’ll have to check out their new stuff.

@wonderingwhy : I forgot about pandora! I’ve been meaning to try it.

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Some more (going by what you already have above):

Metric and more (Emily Haines be still my heart ;-))
Jeff Buckley
Blind Pilot
The Decemberists
Nick Drake (nice with a doob)
Martha Wainwright (you might like her brother Rufus, as well)
Antony and the Johnsons
Beck (he’s so pretty).
TV on the Radio
Iron and Wine
Ray Lamontange

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if you want to add to your Irish collection you might try:

De Dannan
Mary Black

Some great English folk rock groups are:
Steeleye Span
Fairport Convention

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Lucinda Williams.

“Country music that country stations do not play” is how I describe her.

That’s a GOOD thing in my book, and she’s one of the best.

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Vivian Girls
Sonic Youth
Moldy Peaches

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Elliott Smith

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Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie or NMH’s In the aeroplane over the sea
If you need some metal recommendations, feel free to PM me anytime

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I second Muse and Antony & the Johnsons. The though Antony really isn’t for everyone.

You might also check out
Oscar Brown Jr.
The Denver Gentlemen
Man Man
Massive Attack
My Brightest Diamond
The Legendary Shack*shakers
Zee Avi

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Ween! Seriously- they are awesome and it seems like you would agree.

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Ben Folds, Radiohead, AND The Killers.

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Some of my favorites with some album suggestions:
Richard Thompson (very much worth checking out—a well-kept secret!)
Tom Waits (his early stuff much different than his new, both great)
Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music (“Avalon”)
Oysterband (anything)
Nick Drake (“Pink Moon”)
Princess Superstar (“Last of the Great 20th Century Composers”)
Incredible String Band (“Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter”/“Big Huge”/“Wee Tam”)
Buck 65 (“This Right Here is…”)
Bothy Band (“Best of…”)
Cassandra Wilson (“New Moon Daughter”)
Tierney Sutton (“Unsung Heroes”)
Surfjan Stevens (“Illinoise”)
Neutral Milk Hotel (“In an Aeroplane over the Sea”)
Franz Ferdinand (“Franz Ferdinand”)
Bruce Cockburn (“Stealing Fire”)
Ashley Hutchings/Albion Band
Amadou & Mariam
Manu Chao
And for video, if you haven’t already seen it, “The Last Waltz” (5 stars)
My list covers an array of genres and time periods. Most or all of these artists you can preview on Amazon or view on youtube. Have fun spending!!

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I think I’ll have a go at this.
Some of my favorite albums of all time (not necessarily related to your suggestions above) are
Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare (song)
Cake – Comfort Eagle (song)
Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (song)
Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend (song)

Based on what you like, though, I think you’ll like
White Rabbits (Similar to Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie)
The Whitest Boy Alive (Similar to Death Cab For Cutie, but also a nicer mellow, band.)
Bell X1 (Really good Irish rock/pop)
Dire Straits (Freaking classic, and so underrated. Mark Knopfler is also one of the best guitarists of all time.)

I’m also suprised nobody’s said Bright Eyes or Andrew Bird yet. In my opinion, they fit in really well with the music you noted above.

I always like questions like this.

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Thanks for all the suggestions so far! There have been some real quality recommendations. It funny… I know that the ones I’ve never heard of will be good because they’re mixed in with suggestions for things that I’ve actually already got in my collection. Great detective work, everyone!

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@dverhey Gotta say, this is my favorite Dire Strait’s song.

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@jmah Haha. That’s exactly the video I linked. Epic guitar in there.

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Ha! Why did I think that it was the “Walk of Life”? I clicked on it quickly this aft., but, didn’t listen. Do excuse me. I’m sick with a bug and am heavily medicated. ;-)

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Walk of Life has such a catchy synth riff. It’s also an excellent song in itself.

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Anathema – Alternative 4

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Try something more unusual

Otherwise this band is missing in your list:

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If you’re looking for Beatles sound-alikes, you might try the Apples in Stereo (newer, and kind of kitschy, but you may like) and the Electric Light Orchestra (OK, they’re older, but when I first heard “Hold on Tight”, I thought they were the Beatles!).

Based on your interest in Dolly Parton, here are two other artsists I think you’ll like:

Duffy: She’s not a country singer, but her voice is similar to Dolly’s. Since you seem partial to older artists, her retro sound will probably appeal to you.

Katie Herzig: Like jayktkay’s suggestion of Lucina Williams, Katie is another folk-country singer that you won’t hear on country radio (to me, this is a point on her favor). She has a gentle, plaintive voice that’s lovely to hear. In particular, check out her song “I Hurt Too”.

And, some final recs based on your interest in Frank Sinatra:

Michael Buble—His work is faithful to the spirit of that older, jazzy style.
Spencer Day—A new, up and coming artist with a deep, alluring voice.
Norah Jones—Look at her older work prior to 2008. Since then, she’s abandoned her jazz roots, but her 2002 album Come Away With Me is a modern classic.

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I forgot to mention one of my all-time favorites: the eponymously named “Norma Waterson.”

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@Polly_Math Have you heard any of Marianne Faithfull’s new stuff? I think you might like it. I don’t think she writes much music, I don’t have any she’s written any ways, but her covers and guest vocals are wonderful.

Hold On Hold On (Neko Case cover)
The Crane Wife 3 (Decemberists cover)
Insylum (Oxbow w/Marianne Faithfull)

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@fundevogel Thanks, fundevogel. No I haven’t. I really liked her early stuff. I’ll have to check it out. I’m not quite sure what types of music you’re into, but the Norma Waterson album I mentioned is an absolute classic—British folk-rocksy, lots of unbeleivable covers, top notch musicians. She rules in England along with husband, Martin Carthy, who’s also very much worth listening to. Their daughter, Eliza Carthy, isn’t too shabby either.

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because of deathcab buy the postal service album Ben Gibbard on vocals and its great.

any killers fan should try New Orde and Pet Shop Boys maybe some David Bowie?

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