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Do you believe that children that are spanked turn out to be freaks? Do you think it makes those children like whips?

Asked by Yogi (40points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I was on my way to work this morning and the radio asked the question on they air I thought it was kinda intersting

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My mom used to whip me when I would beat the shit out of grammar.

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No it doesn’t or at least not to all people.

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I believe if you got spanked it actually helps you be a better adult and understand discipline. If you are talking about beating, whipping, etc. that is wrong and yes I do think it could be harmful to you.

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Great answer johnpowell, include syntax and spelling into the mix for a trifecta. Yogi: go ask someone who has graduated from 6th grade to explain this to you.

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cardinal: hahaha

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LOL hey I just brought to u guys what the radio said I just found that sugar honey ice tea funny (read between the lines)

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Spanking used appropriately is effective. Consider me a non-freak success case. :D

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