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Heterosexual Women: Do you find gay men a turn on?

Asked by RareDenver (13163points) January 16th, 2010

It’s common knowledge that lot’s of straight guys find lesbian sex a turn on but do many straight women find two guys going at it a turn on?

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No, I don’t.

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This was on my nephews facebook status today:
Girl: “Come dance with me.”
Me: “Ok.”
Girl: “My adorable little gay boy.”
Me: puzzled look
Girl: “You are gay, right?”
Me: “No.”

She walked away right after that.

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I don’t. I am sure there are some that do, although the gay guys I have met are awesome people

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If you ask do I find gay/male voyeurism (porn, movies, stories, etc.) a turn on then, yes. It’s one of many things I find erotically arousing. I have seen live gay/male sex acts and my curiosity was aroused but not my body so much, I get way to clinical up close.

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I’m a lesbian and I find gay, male porn to be a turn-on. Heh. Go figure.

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I go to gay bars a lot. Usually my sister tags along. She goes since guys don’t really hit on her. I go to dance with girls like my sister. They want to dance with a guy, just one that isn’t desperate to fuck them.

It is usually great fun and guys buy me drinks.

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I’ve never really thought about it and so I suppose that means that I don’t really find them a turn on.

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I don’t find penises pretty or entertaining… unless applied in a certain way. So that’s a no for me.

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Yes. Yes.

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Ditto @jmah! Go figure. Straight porn freaks me out but I’m down with gay porn, be it dudes or ladies. I think I’m just attracted to homos, basically.

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I don’t personally. I watched a gay porno with a gay friend once and it really wasn’t for me. Lesbians on the other hand, now that I love to watch!

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Yes and Yes and Yes and Yes. Gay sex, gay men, all of the above yes. :D

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Yes. Oh, yes.

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A turn-on? Not in the least. I find the flamboyant personality amusing though.

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I’m bisexual and man on man action just doesn’t do anything for me.

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no. and this is coming from someone who spent last night at a gay bar’s drag show. :)

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No, but I do rather find lesbian sex a turn on.

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Not really, no. But a well written/acted romance (emphasis on well written I hate popcorn romance) is a beautiful thing no matter the gender or sexual orientation of those involved.

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noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo as a straight woman i find women on women more sexual than gay men!!

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No. I get turned on when I imagine what the sexual encounter is like for the person I identify with, and I identify with women.

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no haha.. but i do find them special in a way :)
Most of them are fun to be with.

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@prude ^ I find your username and answer to be such a contradiction ^...I love it!

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I don’t think they are a turn on at all – But I do find them ADORABLE!!! >.<

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I’m a gay man and I find heterosexual women a turn on.

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@Saschin well then that wouldn’t make you very gay would it??? Hmmmm….

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I don’t, but my sister does. And I know a few other hetero women that are turned on by gay guys, too.

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Sometimes, they’re usually really cute and nice! They always have awesome style too!

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I think mostly it’s a matter of the fact that they just take care of themselves better…

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@delirium ur absolutely right

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Straight male here and nope not in the least. I also find lesbian porn boring unless they look like they’re really into it. I dunno I’m weird. ~shrugs~

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“Jenna Jameson lesbian porn” (fake tits, tons o’ make-up) doesn’t do it for me atall. I like my lesbian porn to been a little more believable, preferably with ladies who truly dig other ladies and aren’t ridiculously fake and made-up looking.

With two guys, I like it when the one is more dominant (“power top”) than the other. Very hot.

With straight porn, again, no fake tits/perfect everything. Oh, natural, I dig.

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@jmah: I agree about the fake crap in porn actresses. Why do the women all have to have tattoos, belly button piercings and huge fake paddle shaped fingernails? I enjoy asian porn more because there are fewer fake/distorted body parts, less makeup (if any) and in hetero scenes they actually show the men paying more attention to the women’s bodies and actions that would actually be arousing.

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@hungryhungryhortence French porn, for example, is excellent in this regard. It’s artsier, from what i’ve found, and doesn’t focus on fake women and money shots, but actually manages true eroticism.

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@Axemusica I also find lesbian porn boring. In my mind there has to be the possibility of me joining in for me to get into it. Lesbian porn, by definition, excludes me.

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No, and I don’t know any women that does

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Yes! I love gay men and often joke that I’m a gay man trapped in the body of a woman.

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