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Could Jon Stewart have skewered John Yoo?

Asked by syz (35525points) January 16th, 2010

Like many (including Jon himself), I was disappointed that Jon Stewart failed to nail John Yoo to the wall. But that is one seriously slippery slime ball. Could he have done anything differently ?

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No – I saw a great deal of the interview and understand Stewart’s frustration, but like many of the Bushies, Yoo was unflappable in his certitude.

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He could have made it so that everyone else that is a complete cuntball would never appear on his show again. He did the smart thing. Hold out until you can get Dick Cheney to appear. That is when you go onion.

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@johnpowell But tell us how you really feel.

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Colbert might stand a better chance since the character he plays (also named Stephen Colbert) gives the appearance of being one of them whilst skewering them.

Whilst pretending to be an over-eager fatheaded O’Reilly clone, he manages to slip in some zingers that go right over the heads of some of them.

With Stewart coming straight on headfirst, they can just stick unwaveringly to their little set of talking points. But how does one prepare for Colbert’s camouflage attacks ?

Has he ever appeared on Colbert?

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I agree with my little penguin friend.
I’m quite liberal and I have a friend who is quite conservative. In seconds I could probably eviscerate him but there’s really no point in it and we enjoy the occasional movie and fishing trip and why ruin that. It’s not in the best interest of either of us and “overwhelming people” in debates does not solve the problems but just preaches to the choir. I could mock him until I’m blue in the face but this will not change his view nor remove his FOX NEWS app from his I phone…augh now that’s torture and no real Conservative watches Stewart or Colbert anyway other than a sound byte that they can spin.

My friend’s father makes 950,000 dollars a year because he saves a hospital many “costs”. He believes for the most part, the system is working brilliantly and needs strong defense against those who would bring it down both internally and externally. He believes that this is worth the blood of patriots-literally..even his own family. In his world it makes perfect sense. The system works for him. Conservatives are not interested in ideals but the interest of the traditional status quo. Whomever and whatever protects those interests is all that matters.

I believe the inclusive and moderate role of government should be to benefit both the poor and the rich and we are only as strong as our weakest link. But regardless, people have very different ideas and the enlightened view has never been about the overwhelming force of anything other than reason or it becomes self defeating.

P.S- We still need a third, fourth and even fifth viable, strong political party in this country.

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Of course that will solve everything because no one has strongly expressed their opinions about the previous administration yet. ~
Both sides can be complete tools at times

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Stewart wanted to get Yoo. It was too bad the lawyer is that slippery.

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@filmfann Just noticed we’re one point apart. Race ya.

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@janbb This isn’t a contest for lurve. And I can’t help it if I love the USA!

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I thought Stewart did a pretty good job. What I like about him(Stewart) is that he never forgets that his guests are just that: invited guests. For instance, although I agree with her stance, I was not a fan of what Rosie Odonnel did to Tom Selleck when he was a guest on her talk show.

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