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How are you liking John Oliver on The Daily Show?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) June 15th, 2013

As most fans of The Daily Show know, Jon Stewart has taken the summer off to film a movie while John Oliver takes over hosting duties. Oliver premiered on Monday and the reviews seem to be generally good. What do you think?

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I was about to ask this very question.

My opinion is he isn’t doing it as well as Jon Stewart, and that is the problem. He is trying to be JS. Boom!
I think John Oliver is very funny, but hasn’t found a comfortable place yet. He needs to go with his own voice here, and not be John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or anyone else.

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He is the best guy on the entire show.

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I saw just one episode with him hosting and I thought he was great.

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He’s the funniest side comedian on the show and I think he has done very well as the host so far, but I agree with @filmfann that he shouldn’t try so hard to replace John Stewart. He’s delivering the same jokes as John Stewart in the same manner as John Stewart, but it feels a bit awkward since that’s not really Oliver’s style. He was still funny as host, but I really think he would be better off sticking with what has always worked for him.

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I think it’s difficult for anybody to be as smartly analytical and politically astute as Stewart, (and manage to pull it off with a wry humor) so don’t even try.

Oliver brings his own brand of wackiness to the party (reminds me a little of Craig Fergson) so I think he was a good choice. He delights in being the self-effacing clueless bungler while being the smartest guy in the room so when he sticks to that he’s golden. He’s perfected it to a science and it makes him easy to take so I think he will get better as the summer goes along.

He has Louis Black on the other night and I remember thinking how glad I was that Stewart didn’t pick him as his replacement. Black is fine in small doses but I couldn’t take him every day for several months.

Oliver on the other hand is like a comfy teddy bear (but one with a wicked sense of humor) so ill be tuning in all summer but glad to see Stewart back in the fall. And with probably not much going on with congress during summer months, Stewart will be right back in his element when things pick up in the fall.

(I wonder if they may be thinking of spinning Oliver off into a show of his own, like Colbert, and this is sort of a trial period to see if that might work. . I’m guessing the numbers will be the deciding factor. It worked out fine for Ferguson :)

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This A.V. Club article sums it up pretty well in my opinion, especially the stray thought about Samantha Bee. She is one of my favorites, and I’d love to see her get more screen time. I saw John Oliver live a few years ago, though, and it was one of the best comedy shows I had ever seen. So when I heard he was taking over for the summer, I knew the show would be in good hands—even if no one can truly replace Jon Stewart.

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I didn’t even know. I’m gonna watch. : )

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I want to watch! I’ll have to go and search now.

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I have watched all of them this week and I will say he did much better on Thursday than he did on Monday. Overall I am happy. I will say that Oliver is adapting to having the show much faster then Colbert did. Colbert was a wreck for the first few months.

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Did watch after seeing this post here in Fluther. I enjoyed it. Or maybe I’m just a bit partial to comedians speaking with the British accent. LOL

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John Oliver has his own HBO show called last week tonight.

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