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Can Anyone Help Me London Broil a Flank Steak?

Asked by drClaw (4437points) January 16th, 2010

I am trying to surprise my wife, but have never done this before. Currently I have a 2+lb flank steak from our local butcher, it looks like it has already been rubbed so I am not sure if I still need to marinate it.

Also I tried looking up how to actually do a London Broil online and all I seem to find are vague directions, nothing about how long to cook the meat.

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I like to marinate a flank steak in teriyaki for a day. Broil it for a few minutes on both sides, then turn oven down to about 350. Put rack in the middle, bake about 10–20 more minutes. Slice and serve over jasmine rice or bean sprouts.

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Where do you live. I’ll be right over!! Joking

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I marinate it in soy sauce, garlic, sherry and oil for several hours, then broil it on the grill for about 6 minutes a side. I make a mushroom gravy to go with it by sauteeing onions and mushrooms in a small amount of oil slowly, and then adding a can of undiluted beef consomme soup.

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@janbb My marinade is the same as yours except minus the sherry!

@drClaw If you have any left overs, it makes great sandwiches the next day with a sauce of horseradish, mayo and mustard mixed together.

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@Marina If I don’t have sherry I leave it out – doesn’t make much difference.

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Thanks everyone, this sounds like it may be easier than I had anticipated!

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I love flank steak but never thought about how to make it. Thanks, everybody, for the recipes!

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Just be sure to cut it at an angle and go across the very obvious grain. You will end up with tongue depresser shaped pieces when you are finished cutting it.

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Make sure to cut it as @Kayak8 suggests! The slices should be very thin.
Use a really high quality carving knife that is razor sharp.

Avoid including finger tips with the flank steak. The marinade will make whats left of your fingers sting something awful. Besides it makes such a mess.

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Throw flank steak out of window. Go buy a real steak ..

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Flank steak rocks. I marinate mine with serrano chiles, olive oil, shallots, and salt that I run through a food processor and make into a paste. Poke a bunch of holes and smear paste on. Let sit for 4–6 hours. Wipe dry and then place on hot BBQ for five minutes first side, 3–4 minutes second side. This should put it about 155 degrees. Remove, REST for ten minutes, then slice and eat. I have eaten a two and a half pound one my self.

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@stevenb Obviously you are delirious from poor meat consumption.

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@Saschin, nope. I love a good ribeye or ny steak. But, I can also appreciate other steaks cooked in a good way. I like sirloin also. It all depends on the cook. I’ve seen many a great steak ruined by a bad cook. And many a bad steak turned into a masterpiece bt a good cook.

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@Saschin. If you didn’t have a helpful suggestion, why did you bother the people on this thread? Go away.

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Just an update – The flank steak I got was from my local butcher ( and already had a marinade or rub. I can’t say exactly what was in it, but most notably it had rosemary and black pepper. @Trillian I used your cooking method (mostly) and broiled the flank for about 6min on each side, it was a big cut, and then baked for about 10 extra minutes. The result was amazing, my wife loved it and we fell asleep that night full and happy.

Thanks everyone for all you suggestions I’m excited to give it a go on the grill.

P.S. @Saschin take your worthless flame bait to another site

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@drClaw My pleasure.

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