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I'm thinking of getting a pair of glacier glasses for those days when the snow is just too ridiculous. Any brand/model suggestions?

Asked by Nullo (21911points) January 17th, 2010

Inexpensive would be nice, if they can be inexpensive without sacrificing quality.
Maybe they’re too extreme of a solution?

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Glacier glasses? What are those? Btw, it also depends on what you mean by “the snow is just too ridiculous”. Do you mean its telling lame jokes like, “It was so cold . . .
we pulled everything out of the freezer and huddled inside it to warm up”, or do you mean its snowing extremely hard?

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@nikayamo These are glacier glasses. They are used in conditions when snow is exceptional bright, and potentially damaging to the eyes. When @Nullo said “The snow is just too ridiculous”, I took it to mean when the snow was really bright, and regular sunglasses just didn’t cut it, not as a joke.

@Nullo I’ve always wanted a pair of these, but have never really found any. I’m really interested to hear any Flutherites’ success stories in finding a pair of them.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Oh, thats what they are for? There have only been one or two days that i’ve ever had to really shield my eyes from the snow, and guess that i have never noticed this problem.

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