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My friend passed out helping me redo my server. How do I treat this, and what should I do...shaving cream, dry ice, etc?

Asked by stevendjackson (72points) January 18th, 2010

basically what i said before. im just looking for a way to wake him up and keep him up. please no homosexual responses

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Start with not being a dick and thanking your friend when he wakes up. Then buy him breakfast.

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Loud music, once he’s awake.
Dry ice can have unpleasant side effects like frostbite.

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well @johnpowell and @Nullo. he’s out pretty cold so i’m gonna let him be. he fell asleep before any surgery was started so i’ve been running the operation myself. fedora to replace windows

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You might want to go ahead and let him sleep. Sounds like he needs it.

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I’m assuming by “passed out” you mean he fell asleep from exhaustion or alcohol, and not because of illness. I cannot imagine that you would really want someone who is not thinking clearly to be messing around with your computer. Both of you get some sleep, and start this in the morning.

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I would draw on your own face with marker so when he wakes up he’ll have something to laugh about.

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My sense of humor has drawn a blank on this one. Your friend was trying to help you and something happened to him, and all you can think of is playing a trick on him? I guess I have to passout on this one, it makes no sense to me.

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Well, that was like diving into a cold pool. I’ll be more serious in future posts.

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Try this joke forum, they would love it.

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