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Where is your threshold of pain?

Asked by Holden_Caulfield (1139points) January 18th, 2010

In consideration of the multiple dimensions of pain, where is your threshold? Does physical pain become your limit, mental pain, emotional pain? Spiritual pain? Are there others?!? What have you experienced and what can you withstand? I have experienced all of the above. How do you cope with it?

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for physical pain pretty high, it’s the anticipation that gets to me. for emotional, turns out that it’s right about the point where she rips out your heart and turns her back on you forever. I’ve withstood everything that’s been thrown at me so far, evidenced by my being around to answer the question and I’d like to think come out better and more enlightened for it. For emotional pain, I cope through acceptance and experience, I let it all in and don’t turn away from anything. I take it all on until it’s so overwhelming I almost lose myself in it. Then I let it go, draining away like water after a storm. After that, it gets easier. For physical pain, I’ve been told I’m just too stubborn for my own good and all things considered who am I to say otherwise. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced spiritual pain… mental, I don’t think I can really separate it from emotional.

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When I was younger, I was awful with pain.
One of the benefits of growing older is you learn how to manage pain.

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Pain is one of those subjective experiences that’s hard to quantify in any meaningful way.

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Well, I’ve delivered two babies. No choice about coping, I must say. And well worth it.

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I guess it’s in my brain somewhere.

My tolerance pain depends on my emotional state at the time. If I can remain calm I can take a lot of pain (getting tattoos has helped me master this). But if my pain comes with an emotional trauma, I am a huge baby.

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My pain tolerance is high, thank goodness. I’m broken physically. I am happy to say I’m healing mentally and feeling more content and accepting of my situation.

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I think I have a pretty high tolerance for physical pain, mental pain as well. I’m not someone who gets hurt easily or gets rattled emotionally. Not often at least.

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I’ve broken bones, gotten tattoos and piercings, been in a car accident, fallen (often), etc. I can handle those. They hurt, sure, but I can handle it.
I can’t handle emotional pain. If someone I care about says or does something hurtful, it’s more painful to me than any physical pain. (Also, I’m a crier. Which sucks even more because then I feel bad because I’m crying.)

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I personally would much rather be in physical pain than emotional or mental pain.
My physical pain tolerance is pretty high. I sat through 3 hours straight of getting a tattoo, broke a bone that barely fazed me.
I don’t handle emotional pain as well, but I’m trying to learn. I would take physical over emotional any day.

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I’m the same like you,but I suffer from spiritual pain most of the time(we human tend to make sin from time to time). I keep pray and do confession though.

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Am I old and intolerant? Tattoos just don’t make my pain meter.

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I can take alot.Time helps with most of it.That,and taking it out on my loved ones ;)

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What is spiritual pain?
I don’t think I know my threshold.

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I’m pretty sensitive to physical pain. My friend jokingly punches me in the arm and I have to rub it to make it feel better. I’m a wimp… :(

My tolerance for mental pain is much higher. Granted I haven’t experienced a whole ton of it in comparison with many people, but I seem to be pretty good at dealing with it.

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Pain doesn’t bother me much. I’ve delivered three babies. But being cold and in pain, sorry. Can’t stand it. If you nail me in the face with a snowball, retribution will be swift and all out of proportion. Believe me, I’m coming after you!~ ;-)

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Somewhere around Philadelphia

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I have a high threshold for all types of pain. Practice made perfect. However, it is a threshold I am not interested in preserving for the rest of my life. I’m much more interested in removing the sources of my pain than coping with the symptoms for the second half of my life..

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Pain is all about living….no pain…you are not living! Suck it up, quit complaining and enjoy life in all it’s glory!!

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I would take physical pain over emotional any day.

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<—wimp in da house
well, at least as far as physical pain

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Reading the word pain makes me cry like a bi…squeal like a little girl.

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My threshold for emotional pain is pretty much endless. I’ve been bullied, mocked, teased and alone my whole life. Every day people still insult me, say that I should get a life, but I just don’t care. This is probaly why I am such a cold person and why I don’t let anyone in.

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I think that emotional pain is the most unbearable… Although those who have a spiritual connection may exceed. I have been trying to connect spirtually, but the emotional pain I endure is so overwhelming, that it makes it difficult to take take it to that level. Are there actual barriers to each?!?

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Pain is a matter of opinion. Supposedly that is an old Indian saying.

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I can’t even watch the safety training videos with the loose nail…

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All my pains are very low, I can’t take much.

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