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Ever wanted to kick the tar out of something? How do you get your aggressions out?

Asked by Jude (32198points) November 15th, 2010

Healthy ways?

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Run, go to the gym, drink alcohol.

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I hit my pillows. It makes them nice and fluffy afterwards.

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I used to kick box, that helped. I also used to have a fast car… you will never feel better than the relief of going 140 miles an hour, so fast that the white lines in the road mix together in your vision.

Anymore…. I don’t get incredibly angry. Its been a long time in fact. Now sad…. that I do get.

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If you have gotten to the point where you need to hit something, you have most likely been ignoring your stress. The best thing to do is not to get to this point. Start becoming more mindful of your mental and emotional states and do not let these emotions pile-up.

When I feel like killing someone (which is extremely rare), crying often helps. You might also try listening to some aggressive music. Dance. Scream. Spin around in a circle until you are dizzy and out of breath.

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I’m not really all that aggressive. I very rarely want to hit anything, much less kick the tar out of it. I guess I’ve learned that violence is failure. It is much better to stay in problem solving mode than to let my anger overtake me. So that’s what I focus on. I keep my mind on the problem and on coming up with different ways to solve the problem. That, and knowing that anger never really helps, help me keep from needing to express my anger.

I get scared of people who do express anger in out of control ways. I just want to leave and come back some other time. Angry people are in no position to do anything sensible. They might have the anger, and they might have the violence, but that’s only temporary. If I can talk then down, I will; otherwise I’ll let them have the victory for today, knowing that this situation is far from over.

In fact, in some ways, if a person loses it, I’ve already won. It means they have no other recourse than to get outrageously angry. It tells me they got nothing but frustration. Yeah. Anger pretty much sucks. Not only do you have to feel anger, but you lose. What’s the point of that?

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Yes.I used to have a punching bag.
I broke it. ;)

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I fix my punching bag with duct tape….that shit is tough!!!

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I go to the range and shoot some paper targets. I have to be focused, calm, controlled and relaxed to do well. So I soon channel my anger to more productive things.

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I wear a big, thick rubber band on my wrist. when the going gets too tough, i just flip my rubber.

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Walk around the block as many times as it takes.

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Black metal. It’s very therapeutic.

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Angry sex with a blow up doll… has a photo of Sarah Palin stuck to it’s face, just to add a little oomph XD Actually, I find the best way to let agression out is through laughter. Works a treat for me.

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Aggressive house cleaning.
my house is very clean

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Chop wood. Bashing something with a heavy axe is very therapeutic.

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I usually run. It’s been rough for a few weeks now and I’ve not been able to run as much as I’d like but I did last night; it was glorious. Also, last week while in the shower, I screamed. I screamed for a few minutes. I was crying at the time and it didn’t seem like the tears were going to stop so I let out a scream and BOOM I stopped crying.

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I used to feel like that all the time when I was in the Navy. So many pressures really brought me down. I can only imagine how things would have been if I didn’t exercise three times a day back then or if my ship did not have a punching bag and several helpful marines to teach me how to safely use it!

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um, when i get angry i punch walls and sometimes break them…or my hand. but that is definetly not a healthy way to get out anger. i am working on it. ha
but other than that i will take my dirtbike out and just ride it, 6th gear pinned for hours.
or exercise, thats always good.

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I pull apart the bedding and get it to laundry then I sort the closet laundry and finish up by organizing the closet rungs/shelves and making a pile of crap to iron my little heart out with. About the 4th item to iron then I say, “fark this” and go off to eat something yummy and watch Netflix.

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@Neizvestnaya : Come on over and I’ll piss you off real good so we can get some of my stuff done. ;-)

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@JilltheTooth: Ha- I run hot and cold. Some days I react by purposely not doing any cleaning, chores or cooking. Do you have Cheez Its? I’ll work for those.

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I’ll offer you as many flavors as you like! (I’m a fan of White Cheddar, myself…)

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Pay it forward. Do something nice or kind for someone else. Bring some brownies to your neighbor. Take some blankets to the local animal shelter. Offer to clean some busy friends’s house. Make a casserole for another harried friend. You being angry isn’t going to help the offender and it’s certainly not going to help you. The only thing you can do is help someone else, who is unrelated to the offending situation.

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