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What happens if a person only drinks soda and never water?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (10534points) January 18th, 2010 from iPhone

How do people survive without water? Does soda hydrate the body in any way? I went many years only drinking pepsi and nothing bad ever happened
to me (though I’m sure it wasn’t healthy for my body). How did my body keep hydrated at all?

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nothing. lots of sugar. etched enamel on your teeth.

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Fountain soft drinks are comprised of carbonated water and a concentrated syrup, and canned/bottled soft drinks, while containing less water than some fountain mixtures, are still a mixture of syrups, additives and carbonated water. Additionally the food you eat contains some amount of water. It’s not as though you consumed absolutely no Hydrogen Dioxide.

It’s also important to remember in the assessment of “bad” results that being thin and being healthy are not mutually exclusive. The highly proccessed, high-fructose corn syrup which makes up the majority of more soft drinks is not great for your body and other unnatural preservatives and additives take their toll as well. You probably don’t notice the strain the simple sugars have placed on your organs, or the difference in molecular absorption and cellular processes the salts can cause because most of us have never experienced anything other than a diet consisting of mass-produced food products with some vegetation thrown in. etc.

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Your teeth will come out in the middle of the night and strangle you for torturing them, and after you gain consciousness, they will join forces with the kidneys in a magical and wondrous concerto of pain to your brain for consuming the black liquid of the beast. Ironically, I’m drinking soda right now.

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You’ll probably gain some unwanted weight.

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Weight gain and diabetes seem the most obvious to me. @trailsillustrated has it right with the enamel on your teeth too. And your kidneys will definitely not like you ;)

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Soda does contain water. However, Pepsi, your soda of choice, contains caffeine, which is a diuretic and thus undoes some of the hydration. It also contains phosphoric acid and has a low pH, so it can and does etch and stain your teeth, In addition, if you drink soda instead of juice, you are not getting any vitamins or minerals, just sugar. And finally, Pepsi contains a brown coloring agent. Both that and the caffeine have to be filtered out by your kidneys. Young and healthy kidneys have no problem with that, but if you happen to have weak or susceptible kidneys you can cause permanent kidney damage. And, of course, there are the extra calories from sugar, and the effects on your weight as well as on your pancreas in having to produce enough insulin to keep your blood sugars stable.

You would be wiser in the long run to drink water more often and soda less often.

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Well luckily I stopped drinking soda before my teeth fell out or I gained unwanted weight ;)

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@Darwin Useful info. I don’t drink pepsi (or any soda) anymore. I stick to water and juice. I figured I was slowly hurting my body by drinking only pepsi. But even after a few years of pop drinking I still have healthy white teeth and I haven’t gained any weight. I’m sure eventually it would have caught up with me. Glad I stopped before I seen the effects.

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They end up like that girl off Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory that ate the gum.

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It’s likely they will explode into a million particles. Infact it has happend.

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You become very unhealthy, even if you cannot feel it. Soda is pretty horrible for you, especially when used as a main source of hydration.

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Well I guess you already know the impact from of soda drinks as other told you. But you need to keep in mind that you’ll burp (or fart) more often if you keep consuming such thing. You might not feel the real impact from consuming that drink now,but soon or later it follow your health and appear as your disease.

I’m glad that you’ve changed this habit,don’t forget to drink 2 liters of water every day.

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It’s good that you stopped drinking soda. Unfortunately, juice is not really better for you. Fruit juice is often even higher in sugar than soda, ounce for ounce. Juice is a fairly modern invention about 100 years and their lobby has done a masterful job of convincing us that juice is healthy. You’d be better off eating the fruit and drinking water.

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@MagsRags I drink mostly water but once in awhile with dinner I’ll have watered down juice. I thought it was healthy until reading the label! It’s horrible! It seems like the only safe bet is water.

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You get me that suffers from chronic bladder infections. I’m working on cutting soda totally out of my life!

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I’m thinking that since caffeine is a diuretic, if you only drink soda (well, the caffeinated kine) you’ll eventually dehydrate and die. Maybe a biology buff could weigh in.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I think some juices are fine. Like orange juice, apple juice, grape juice – they are all normally pure juice from fruits only. Fruity drinks are different and I try to stay away from those.

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“The myth that soda’s will dehydrate you so much that you will die from dehydration has been debunked.

“The Takeaway
Moderate caffeine consumption won’t dehydrate you and can actually help you reach your overall daily fluid intake. Make mine a double.”
I’m not saying sodas are healthy, but they won’t cause you to die of dehydration.

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@lilikoi “pure” fruit juices get 100% of their sugar calories from fructose, but that doesn’t make it healthy. You do get vitamin C from citrus juices but vitamin C is easily available in other foods. A cup of orange juice has more sugar calories than a cup of soda, and the story is similar for other fruit juices.

A behavioral cardiologist told me that an entire quart of orange juice can be metabolized in just 20 minutes, the sugars are digested and processed very quickly, with the excess converted to fat. Because of that, it doesn’t curb the appetite. If you eat a piece of fruit instead, you get the fiber as well as potentially important trace elements so it metabolizes more gradually.

Another big issue with juices is the effect on your teeth, especially with acidic juices. The sugar and the acid attack the enamel. Research has shown that daily juice drinking is more damaging to the enamel than using those home whitening kits.

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@MagsRags Interesting! I love fruit. Any excuse to eat more is fine by me. I’ll stay away from the juices.

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Ok,Im 27 5’9 135lbs and I have drank pepsi all my life. As a teenager I never drank water. My teeth have a few fillings, but who doesnt.Im also healthy. What im saying is I live off of it and Im fine.But as an adult I know it may catch up with me, So after leaving this response, Im going to have a glass of water.

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