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Some general questions about Curry, know anything?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) January 18th, 2010

I just discovered green curry (or Panaeng curry at the Thai places I’ve been ordering from) and I am fully addicted and IN LOVE. What is the difference between yellow, green, and red curry? If you like one, do you automatically like all three (that may be a silly question)? What’s the difference between curry from a Thai place and from an Indian place (I’ve never had Indian food before)? Finally, are there other cultures that use curry in their cooking, if so, what are they and how do they differ from Indian & Thai foods?

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Actually Yellow curry get its color from tumeric,green curry from green curry leaves(some use wasabi),red curry from red chili and palm oil (they’re using different type of curry powder of different type of curry). The Thai curry usually won’t be so hot and spicy,Indians curry tend to be hot and spicier(it’s the hottest curry on earth). There’s some but most of them get/practice the same recipe from its real original natives(some even make modification or improvement). In where I live ‘curry rice/curry fried rice’ (served in oriental style) is a common food for the locals. The difference is that it’s dry food(not wet like common curry) and of course spicy!.

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The other thing to remember is that “curry powder,” while tasty, is a British concoction loosely base on Indian curries. “Real” curries are made from various combinations of whole spices, roasted at times to bring out the flavor, and then ground just before use.

Personally, I never met a curry I didn’t love, although I have met a few that were really hot. I have my favorite restaurants, but I also have made curries at home from scratch. I use a mortar and pestle to grind the spices, but some people use those electric coffee grinders. I have many books with curry recipes, including one that has some 660 different recipes, all just from India.

I really, really like Charmaine Solomon’s curry recipes. She is from Sri Lanka and her husband is from Burma, and she studies the recipes of many Asian countries. I have and use her Complete Asian Cookbook (complete with food stains to prove it), but she also has The Curry Cookbook which includes recipes from Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

If you really like curries, I suggest you get a copy of Solomon’s book and dive right in.

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Best after six pints of beer.

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Curry is really just a mix of spices, and many different mixes qualify as curries, so it’s great to experiment. I have a cookbook with some curry recipes, though I can’t remember the name. They are very clear never to use store bought curry powder. Follow @Darwin‘s advice, get a cookbook and experiment!

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Here is a blog about curry that you might enjoy.

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I don’t think the Today shows pays her anything near what she’s worth.

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