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I need suggestions on funny womens names?

Asked by Mat74UK (4662points) January 20th, 2010

The wife is organising a hen night for her sister and after the meal they’re going to a few bars. Whilst in these bars she wants them to wear sashes printed with false but funny names.
She doesn’t want Dirty Donna or Easy Emma more:
Lou Smorralls
Norma Snockers
Fleur Taychus
Isla Blige
Carmen Geddit

Can you help?

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True story…Fonda Dicks!

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Another true story…Fonda Cox

My sister did something like this a few years ago, they wore titles like; Miss Gabby, Miss always late, Miss Can’t Commit, etc.

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not a woman’s name, but once had a client named, Harry Bush!

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April May
April Schauer
Aretha Holly

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I had a customer named Lemmie Bumpass.

She said it was pronounced Bump-us

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How about:
Miss Fortune
Ima Darling
Mary Akeeper

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LOL LOL!!! OMG those are funny

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While all of these dont have a double meaning, they are good to make people pause and ponder:

Bonifa Grinderland
Shaniqua Buffet (Boophay)
Ima Hottie
Starrin Me
Apple Bottom
Miner Real

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Itsa Moist.
Lotta Tushie.
Bertha Butt. (one of da Butt sisters)
Ineeda Towel.
Maina Traction.
Oneida Dickenside.

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betty swolocks
mary hinge

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Holly Wood
Dusty Cox
Sue May
Sue Phyllis
Dawn Key
Candace Spencer (Can dispenser)

Some Asian kids’ names I’ve heard
Annie Hoo
Annie Howe
Mary Lee
Joy Foo
Wonder Foo
(name) Novagina (Some Indonesian kid)
Soh Ho Lee
Lin Kim Bak (Linkin Park)
Mary Goh
Fook Kim Yoo
Careful Lee

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Maura Less

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This is what she has so far:

Lou Smoralls

Norma Snockers

Fleur Tashus

Isla Blige

Sheila Blige

Mona Lott

Anita Mann

Anita Cocktail

Tanya Hyde

Ivan B Queen (changing to mareed)

Keesha Myas

Kaye Wye

Beau Tocks

Iva Fetish

Iona Sextoy

Wanda Barr

Fonda Cox

Dyna Thirst

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@poisonedantidote Hmmmm they seem rather familiar.

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Ivana Humpalot
Tracey Paper
Incontenentia Buttocks
Fanny Swing
Titania Dick
Tanya cleavage
Rosie Nipples
Marge Orine
Helen Back

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Nothing hilarious but I used to work with a Tiffany Glass.

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My daughters friend actually named her daughter Areola.

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Delois Price!

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Ivanna Fox
Fook Yu
Fook Mi

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Sharon Adube’
Padme Brachups
Melanie Cupps (Melon E Cups or Mel in E Cups)
Constance Lumming
Golda Digger
Mia Largess (not sure who would want to claim the large ass name, though)
Maya Shurts

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seymour butts

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Honey Boxx
E.Z. Pickens
Ivanna Morehead

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@Rufus_T_Firefly Hahaha! I’m sending you a PM.

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How about these;
Sally Mander, Tera Furma, Emma Royd, Anna Rexic, Anna Mosidy, Anna Conda

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Here’s one more; Amada Reckenwith

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