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What causes someone to be resistant to numbing solutions?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) February 29th, 2008

i have a history of not being able to get numbed at the dentist
he can do 12 shots of the stuff and no luck .it takes about two weeks for it to take affect.

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More than likely its just genes and your own personal body. We’re all individuals and as such, different things happen differently for some. Take the example of liquor. Some people can drink their weight in the stuff while others can only handle a few. I’m a small fellow but ive got quite a but of Irish in me and luckly I can drink quite a bit even though by theory I shoulnt be able to because of the smaller size. That’s just one example. Drugs and medication work the same way. My theory is somehow your body’s just built an immunity to the novicane.

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I’m the same way my dentist said it was a nerve under my tongue that kept me from numbing it and oh I hate going to the dentist! Because of that very reason!

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@tammy;; how awful. What about nitrous oxide (laughing gas)? I can still remember being a young teen-ager, before novocaine and having large cavaties drilled (w. a slow drill). I used to dig my nails into palms. But the memory lingers on. Double your brushing and flossing to keep trouble away. My sympathies.

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