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Should I attend SCAD Atlanta or SCAD Savannah?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) January 21st, 2010

I’ve already applied and been accepted to SCAD, but I’m unsure as to which city to attend. I’m kind of set on going there because they seem to have a great program and they’ve offered me more money than anywhere else I have applied. However, Georgia_Printco pointed out that Atlanta is a more hire-able city. So if there are any SCAD alums out there, or anyone who knows about the region, which city is better?

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In the graphic design field, people usually get hired around the school they get their training from . . .i.e. FIT and SVA grads tend to work in NYC, RISD grads go up to Boston, Corcoran College grads remain in DC. . . and true to this, I know of SCAD-Sav grads that end up staying put. . .

The premise behind this is that the discipline of the arts are reflected from the community and surroundings.

If you are envisioning to be a big city designer, then off to ATL . . . if not Savannah is a nice little quaint town that I wouldn’t mind living in.

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i lived in atlanta for a little while, and hated it. visited savannah a few times and loved it, but never lived there.

my cousin graduated from scad-sav and had a fantastic time while he was there. he’s now working in a job in alpharetta, which is just north of atlanta.

i would visit both campuses, look at housing around the towns, and make your decision once you’ve done a little more research.. atlanta is just TOO big for me, and savannah would be a no-brainer, but it’s a personal choice. good luck!

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Hi, I work for SCAD and am also an MFA student in photography here. It’s really easy to move back and forth from one location to another. Many students move up to Atlanta or to Savannah for their senior year, or even just a quarter or two. Both locations are excellent as far as courses, faculty, etc. Savannah (my hometown) is a larger campus and the city is slower-paced than Atlanta. There are far more students in Savannah. Atlanta (where I live, work and go to SCAD now) is big city all the way. It really depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for, but at the same time you can easily check out the other location whenever you like.

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Wow. My condolences to you. Let me aquaint you with the people behind SCAD.

Dana Poetter got most of her money (as did the rest of the family) from a supposed 501C3 school that was intended for troubled teens and preteens. That school was called Anneewakee (Cherokee speak for “land of the friendly people”). However, i would be happy to show you where my family paid $93,000 annually for me to be there. And I am certainly far from the only one. Anneewakee had thousands of students. That family, besides escaping paying taxes, got filthy, stinking rich. That’s where the money to start SCAD came from.

It was created and run by Dana’s father, Louis J. “Doc” Poetter. In the mid 1980’s, the sadistic rapes and child abuse that went on since the early 1970’s finally caught up with the lecherous fuck, who was then forced to plead guilty to 17 counts of child molestation and aggravated sexual abuse of a minor.

His wife’s name is Mabel. SHe knew everything that went on, since many of the rapes took place in the home they shared just outside of Anneewakee’s “central campus” in Douglasville, Georgia. You will come to recognize her name because her daughter immortalized this kind and loving “Christian” woman by naming campus buildings after her. Hence, “Mabel Hall” was born. If you loike, I can send you an excerpt from a survivor male child who went there, who also testified in court that Mabel came into the bedrrom while Doc was raping him, but closed the door and walked away. SHe never reported her husband in all those years.

Now, I could provide COUNTLESS links to everything I just told you, but really, why bother? It isn’t likely to change your mind, even though there are a zillion other places you culd go that are much more within your field of graphic design. Any number of technical schoolds can provide you a much more on point education, which would also deny the board members of SCAD (most of which are family members who were more than happy to jump at the chance to make themselves rich off the blood money that Anneewakee generously provided them) of your funds.

But you do as you wish. That family has done everything possible to put thier past behind them. Only 2 of them ever served any time in prison for the crimes they commited against children. I won’t allow this to rest, nor will I allow their victims to be forgotten.

Oh, and you can find hundreds of Anneewakee survivors on various websites, including Yahoo and Facebook. Have a nice day.

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@phillis – if you paid 93k a year to go to any school, that was just plain foolish.

Secondly, I don’t see how the president of SCAD’s father committing crimes would in any way affect the level of education available at the school. And what exactly are you suggesting? That if a person commits crimes their children should never be allowed to succeed?

Many, many people are getting to fulfill their passions and start successful careers because of SCAD’s existence. I think that’s a fine use of the “blood money” as you so call it. Look it up – SCAD is a non-profit school.

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I would consider transferring out of SCAD. FIT has a much better reputation, the tuition is much lower, the faculty are involved with industry and the ability to get an intern job or real job at graduation is much better. Check out FIT

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