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Fun things for teens to do in Atlanta Georgia for a week?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2159points) April 29th, 2014

I’m helping my friend out again with her school work. This time she needs to find interesting things for a group of four 17–18 year olds to do in Atlanta Georgia.
The project assumes they are capable of getting around (have cars, etc.) and have a generous budget (they don’t have to spend it all, but they can’t occupy their entire trip with free things). The budget is around $3,000 (thus far, assuming her group mates don’t spend the rest of the budget on stupid, fancy hotels).
The activities have to be “school appropriate.” I haven’t the slightest idea what the means, because she attends a California High School, and apparently, everything is okay in those schools. (That last sentence is just venting. I hate that school system out there).
She’s got travel packets and things, but I’m just wondering if you guys know of any “secret” things they can do that will make their project stand out. Like a cool park that isn’t on any map, or tourist pamphlet, or a really amazing movie theater that only locals would know about. The kicker is, it has to be real, because she needs to show prices and travel time from where they are staying, etc.

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They can do a 30 minute dive in the shark and ray tank at the Aquarium. Seriously, my son did it an d loved it.

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When is the trip?

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Check out this Site of 50 fun things to do in Atlanta.

They’ll probably want to check out the Local Cuisine

Maybe they’d enjoy some Water Activities

Since Atlanta is a very history rich city, they might consider going on a few Guided Walking Tours

Museums are always a good bet.

I think any trip to Atlanta should include a tour of the Georgia State Capitol

Here are some ideas for the History Buffs

Here is a list of the Oldest Structures in Atlanta.

Here is a list of some of the Oldest Restaurants in Atlanta.

They might want to check out a movie at the Plaza Theater Atlanta’s oldest continually operating movie theater, since 1939.

They might like to bring home some Vinyl Records from one of Atlanta’s record stores.

Here’s a list of Factory Tours with everything from CNN studios, to the Atlanta Motor Speedway, to a candy factory.

They might enjoy going to Oak Alley Plantation where they can enjoy a virgin mint julep made with lemonade instead of bourbon.

And don’t forget Atlanta’s Public Art

This should keep them busy for awhile : )

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Stone mountain is fun

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I live here.

One day for the touristy things downtown: CNN Center, Aquarium, etc.
Maybe catch a Braves game at Turner field.

Then – get out of town. Go zip-lining in the North Georgia mountains. Drive up to Amicalola Falls (about 75 NNE of town) and hike.

Drive down to Fayette (where they film the various zombie movies and TV shows)

Longer day trip: Go to Warm Springs, where FDR went to recuperate after he had polio, and not far from that is Callaway Gardens (resort, great butterfly exhibit, etc.)

One night at Stone Mountain for the laser show, and then also climb Stone Mountain on the footpath.

DO NOT just stay in town.

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Hunker down and stay in the storm shelter this week.

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@GloPro The trip can be any time of the year. It just has to be for 6–7 days including travel.

That’s why I am hoping to find a huge event, like a festival that lasts a week long. Should be easier to budget and plan for something like that.

Also, thank you guys so much! All of these help us!

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