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Is it possible to be put on some sort of "black list" for returning clothing too much?

Asked by melanie81 (792points) January 21st, 2010

I always wonder this when I return an article of clothing. They always have me fill out my name/address/phone…does my name get thrown on a “Bad Customer – Will Return Items” list or something??

I just like to take things home and try them on with my accessories/pants/undergarments, and sometimes I change my mind…

okay fine, I change my mind at least 50% of the time, haha…

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For Zappos I think there is – if you return stuff in obviously used condition too many times, that is. They kind of have to I think because their policy is 1 year.

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I think that there is in some places, and the details are probably just to get ahold of you incase you are buying clothes, going out and getting them all messed up, then returning to get something new and shiny.

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They may or may not, but I don’t care especially if they have their return policy displayed at the check-out and Customer Service counters, and I’m not going against their own policy.

If they start to shun such consumer behavior, then they should reflect that in their general policy for all to see.

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I think Wal-Mart keeps track. That’s what I’ve heard.

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Only if it’s a hardware store you’re returning them to.

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I don’t know about a “real” list, but the workers will eventually become wise to your ways, and roll their eyes when they see you coming.

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Not that I am aware of. I take items back to Macys all the time. I’ve even told them I’ve worn it and washed it a couple of times when I’m returning the item. They always take it back. I sometimes buy clothes then go home and try them on if I don’t feel like doing it at the store. If anyone should be blacklisted it should be me, but I have yet been stopped. They still send me coupons of encouragement to come back.

Yippie for Macys- they lurve me :)

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When I worked at Limited Too, we required that information in case of people making fraudulent returns (i.e. with stolen merchandise and/or fake receipts). We never were allowed to deny a return on the store level, and never just because someone returned too much :)

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Some stores do, some stores do not. Where I worked, we did keep a list of suspicious folks and would not allow returns if they did it too much.

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My cousin was banned from Wal-Mart for getting nice clothes, wearing then to an event then returning them the next day.

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perhaps, if you do this frequently , i`m afraid you will be in black list,

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Its not initially, but yes.. they do keep track.. Ive worked in various retail stores for a long time. and depending on the return requirements and criterias, some stores will ask you not to bring your business back. Also, it keeps track of customer /product issues and keep track of store inventory among other things too. And i will forewarn you, the stores do keep track with each other too.

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