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Do you like to be alone when you're sick?

Asked by Jude (32095points) January 22nd, 2010

I’m not one that likes being doted on, but, I know a lot of people who enjoy the company of their roommate, best friend or significant other when they’re under the weather.

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It is nice to know someone is around. :-)

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I vant to be alooone!

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Depends on what I have. If I have explosive diarrhea, I really don’t want anyone else to witness it. :-) Otherwise, it’s nice to have people around to help if needed.

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Yes! But I like people to bring me chicken soup.

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I like to be alone, as long as I know that Milo is downstairs stirring that chicken in the pot.

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I get scared so no. The first time I threw up as a kid I thought I was dying. Up til last march I hadn’t vomited in eight years….a streak I’m very proud of. So! I’m trying to say I don’t throw up because I have a fear of it, but if I happen to be doing it I prefer a crowd. Weird as it sounds….lol

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Yessss, please. I just want to be in bed or on the couch all alone. People like to fuss over you when you’re sick; I don’t want to be fussed over.

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When sick or in pain, I want to be alone. Unless I’m hungry.

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It depends on what kind of “sick” I am, tummy-flu where I’m ralfin every few minutes, leave me be. I can’t stand to even be touched when I have an upset tummy it takes all I’ve got to focus on not throwing up. Otherwise, I love to have my SO with me, to cuddle me and make me soup. It’s comforting <3

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yes because im bossy when im sick and i’d rather not put anybody thru any kind of hell

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I would rather be alone, but have someone in close proximity in case I need them.

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I don’t like to be alone, but I don’t want to get anyone else sick, so I am usually alone.

If I get sick I move out to the guest room.

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@deni Fear of throwing up is very common. I suffer from it too, although not as intensely as when I was younger. The last time I threw up was in college 20 years ago.

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I prefer to be alone, but to have someone in the house checking up on me occasionally and bringing me the odd cup of tea.

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I like to be asked regularly if I want anything to eat or drink, and I like to have someone showing they care about me, but once I have eaten or drunk something, and shown sympathy by someone I like to be left alone.

Well perhaps every half hour or so I would like them to ask how I am feeling.

Oh well, let’s be honest here, I LOVE to be pampered.

There…. the truth is out !!

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I like people to come, do things for me, go away and leave me alone for a while (but be close enough that they can hear me yell at them if I need something that I’m too miserable to get myself), and then come back in a while to see if I need anything else.

The worst sick ever was when I got my tonsils out and had no way to say what I wanted. An no way to yell! I was sitting there banging on a wall to get attention some days. And sitting around making a “poo face” until people figured stuff out. :P

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it depends how sick and what kind of sick. i usually just take some meds and get in the bed. lol

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Yes and no. If I just need to rest than I want to be alone however I do like to have someone close by in case I need something and a little TLC goes a long way to making me feel better. Maybe because its annoying to have someone hover.

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It depends what kind of ill I am! If I am puking then I want to be alone. If I am feeling under the weather then like @ChazMaz said, I like to know that someone is around and sometimes have a bit of company.

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I’m with you. I don’t like to get special treatment, but I like for my husband to be there with me and snuggle.

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No, but I usually just am.

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I like to be alone but to have someone check in on my regularly. It’s comforting.

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I like to be alone. Having someone come in and ask about me is nice, but there is no way they could possibly predict the schedule I want them to follow. Sometimes I want them every 30 minutes, sometimes not for 3 hours. Having a little bell would be ideal, but I don’t think my husband would get behind that idea.

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Give me a blanket, and let me lay on the couch. The only thing I really want to have around me is the blanket, and the remote in my hand.

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I’d like to be left alone, but it is sure nice if someone would check in on me from time to time.

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No, I don’t like to be alone. I want someone to bring me things to drink and eat since I tend to get extremely hungry when sick and I want someone to go over my face with wet towels, rub lotion on me and mostly just be there. I don’t need them to cuddle me and get my grossness on them but I like it if they’re there to maybe watch a movie or read in the same room, just be there so I feel safe while I sleep or whatever. Like @loser writes, I usually am alone.

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I’d like to alone but it would be nice to wake up someone holding my hand.

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Moods tend to change a lot. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

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I sleep when I am sick, but I would like someone (Hubby) to come in once in awhile and bring me some soup or water.

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I think it’s important to consult the good lord Darwin and meditate on the genetic wisdom of whining.

An animal which is usually the target of predators will usually attempt to hide its injury as this may draw and encourage predation.

Animals which hunt, or herd gain benefit from communication. Setting off a call of pain or cry of help, warns the group of the threat to individual and group.

Discomfort is experienced subjectively as a need to communicate and a need for assistance. This is a vitally important trait. The noxious experience is for the benefit of the organism – so hopefully it will stop stepping on that nail.

Hopefully then you will agree it is my God-Given, Evolutionarily approved right to whine and if you don’t like that then….

don’t worry, you will like our socialized medicine.

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I like to be left alone. When I was little, my mom always quarantined us so no one else would get sick. She was a single mother and had to keep healthy as well as prevent my sister from getting sick because she was supporting us. She needed to keep her time off from work to a minimum. Even though I was closed off, my mom would make me soup, bring juice, and medicine so I could start feeling better quicker. I just wasn’t allowed to hang out in the living room or have anyone in my room for long periods of time. This has now become a habit and I now enjoy being alone when I am sick. I am happy whenever someone makes me soup or drops off goodies at my door step. It makes me feel loved which is sometimes the best kind of medicine- knowing someone cares about me.

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I like to be alone in the room I am in, but not alone in the house.
I like someone checking on me every couple of hours.
It gives me the illusion someone cares.

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I tend to be abig baby when im sick – so I don’t like to be alone, I want someone to take care of me>.<

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I tend to be grumpy when feelin’ ill so I usually lock myself away for a few days… =P

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I’m with filmfann. I pretty much want to be left alone so I can sleep and nap and cuddle with my two chihuahuas. I like that someone checks on me to see if I’m hungry or want some tea or on occasion to rub my back so that I can fall asleep.

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Not sure. Sick is very rare. But I do crave having someone bring me soup and buttered bread. Just like being checked on. Willingly.

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