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How hard is it to buy for your SO (Christmas)? Do they give you a list of things, or do you just wing it?

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 11th, 2011

I got an interesting list this year from my girlfriend:

sexy gotchies
wood filler
an easel
See’s chocolate
a book of coupons to cash in for sexual favors
and anal lube

(she was serious about everything)

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Nothing quite like seeing wood filler and lube on the same list, whatever the list is for.

I rarely buy him gifts for Christmas. Last year I went halfsies with his best friend on a big fish tank. We usually agree not to buy each other gifts, but he always ends up getting me a ton of stuff, anyhow. I wish he would just stick to the agreement.

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Zero. Unless either of us gets a sudden inspiration, we don’t hassle buying anything for each other. Our gifts to each other are stress-free holidays.

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My wife and I generally agree not to buy for each other – but we both know it’s bullshit.

She won’t give me a list (remember, we’re not supposed to be buying anything) – so I try to keep a running list all year. If she mentions something she likes, I jot it down. Some years I’m better at it than others.

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My husband is pretty difficult to buy for. He doesn’t want much in the way of “stuff,” doesn’t collect anything, and doesn’t want anyone to spend money on him. Each year we say we’re only going to get stocking stuffers for each other, but since I know he won’t stick to that rule, I don’t stick to it either!

This year I’m getting him a new office chair. He’s had his for over a decade and it is really worn out and uncomfortable. I also started a tradition where I let the kids pick out a pair of pajama pants for him every year. One year he gets something normal, like plaid. The next year he gets something ridiculous, like Star Wars or Santa playing golf. This year my daughter picked out pajamas for him that have reindeer with beer kegs. He doesn’t usually give me a list, but might mention a couple of little things he wants. We don’t buy expensive things for each other because we put most of our Christmas effort into giving our kids a nice holiday.

I did give my husband a list this year but I am never doing that again. I’m pretty sure he went down the list and bought or ordered every single item which means he is spending too much money on me and making me feel more than a little greedy. I told him the list was for ideas he could choose from. :( But I can’t wait to try out my new camera lens and cook something in my new dutch oven and read those new books…

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We don’t usually get anything for each other.

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I wing it. He can suggest things if he wants, but what I think he wants is to not have to come up with things to suggest. But I know him pretty well. And it helps that all year long (not just in December), I’m constantly evaluating things he might need.

Example: He’s a homebrewer and makes an annual summer brew for our employer’s July picnic. Every year, we have to haul in this cooler full of ice and beer bottles, and it’s just too heavy. He won’t let me carry the whole thing, and when he tries, he is pained. Solution? Last year’s holiday gift was an even bigger cooler, with wheels and a pull handle. :)

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I make everyone buy me stuff, and I buy myself even more stuff. Ha.

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I have been trying for 12 years to get something she will absolutely love. She’s incredibly hard to shop for.

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He goes out and buys himself stuff before I can. I actually thought I was being creative. He has this new obsession with 4 wheel camping so I got him a 12 volt electric sauce pan. Yesterday, a bunch of 12 volt appliances shows up in the mail (that he ordered) including an electric sauce pan! I guess he will just have two!

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It’s pretty easy. I go with a combo of interesting things I find and pick up during the year and top it off with doodads from her list when she gets it together.

Actually getting her to put together her list is the hardest part.

I’m much tougher to buy for, but I’m also really good at getting a list straight by early October at the latest so it balances out somewhat.

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This is the first year my SO and I are buying each other gifts for Christmas. It wasn’t too hard deciding what to get him; it was pretty exciting actually.

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It’s relatively easy to shop for my Significant Other. I actually have too many ideas on what to purchase, but I have to restrain myself because I don’t want to spend too much money that I make him feel uncomfortable. Now I’m just trying to choose the perfect option.

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Sometimes it’s really difficult, as he is not always forthcoming with things that he wants or needs. I asked a question here about ideas for him, only to later torture out of him that he wants new tennis shoes and a sexy watch, roflmao. Since his birthday is Christmas Eve, I got him a few other things also, but he is getting some nice tennies and a very pretty watch. I can hardly wait!!

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Always difficult. If he wants something, he goes and buys it. I end up buying him shirts and Xbox games every year pretty well. Occasionally he will provide a short list but mostly when I ask him for ideas I get “I don’t really need anything”. He does love playing his Xbox games though.

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He makes it pretty easy by showing what interests him throughout the year. My challenge is to afford the things he likes since our incomes are drastically different. He likes:

Firearms- ammunition- shooting accessories.

The latest video games.

Camping equipment & gadgets.

Spa massages.

Dinners at his favorite restaurants.

Haircuts & straight razor shaves by his old barber.

Nice wallet, boots, nice sweaters.

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We don’t do Christmas but give gifts for New Year’s which is also his b-day so I buy something more than I would for others on New Year’s – I generally know what he wants or I ask him directly before buying anything.

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We are not buying each other gifts at Christmas this year. In fact, I’m not buying any gifts this year.

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I have to be married to the hardest woman in the world to pick gifts for. She absolutely loves Goodwill hunting, and spends 3 of 4 days a week t a large Thrift Store.. Just about anything she wants, she finds for $3 at the Thrift Store sooner or later. So you name the gift, if she doesn’t already have one it’s almost always because she doesn’t want one. And if I know she’s looking for something like a juicer (she already has one now) or some such, she goes nuts over the price of the thing compared to what she could pick it up for at Goodwill is she just bides her time. Not complaining. Those shopping habits save us a lot of money. But it does present a challenge when Christmas or her birthday rolls around.

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@ETpro – does Goodwill have gift certificates?

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I just wing it based on what I know about him already. He is quite difficult to buy for as he won’t deliberately offer any information about what he would like.

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@laureth I don’t know, but that’s a GREAT idea! Thanks.

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