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Men, what's your pee-licy on flushing?

Asked by Owl (726points) January 22nd, 2010

The employees at a large office building where I periodically freelance display rather lax bathroom etiquette. It’s a big yuckfor me to step up to urninal that’s been left unflushed by the former standee. How do you feel on the subject?

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if you use it flush it…and wipe the seat…

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I’m sorry, but I always flush after using the bathroom no matter what (that includes at home). And coming to a toilet that hasn’t been flushed kinda grosses me out and I usually flush it first.

If we ever entered some huge water crisis I could see not doing that, but as of now, I’m content with regular flushing. :)

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I always flush and always wash my hands. I can get over the pee thing though, it’s when someone leaves a steaming log in the toilet…how can you not flush? And when someone walks out of the stalls and doesn’t wash his hands. I would advocate the death penalty for that, it’s the reason there’s so much disease out there.

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I always flush unless the inconvenience of the noise for someone sleeping in a room near the bathroom outweighs the possible smell and “surprise” in the morning. I’m usually the first to wake, though, so I’m usually the one to greet my own waste and get it flushed then.

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Are you yanking my chain? A flush for me as a matter of course, unless it’s a busted flush that is.

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@ucme Well, if it were a broken public toilet, I would be flushing away. As long as nothing would be in it.

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@dalepetrie Actually, no it’s not, unless you work in a kitchen, but it is rather disgusting.

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@lilikoi – I disagree, you touch doorknobs, you touch railings, there is no limit to the number of things a person touches in a day, which someone else will also touch. If you wipe your ass and don’t wash that hand, it IS a potential health hazard for untold numbers of people.

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Most urinals these day flush when you step away, but if there is a knob I use it.

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If it’s brown, flush it down. If its yellow, it’s mellow.

But seriously, I urinate frequently because I drink a lot of water. If I were to flush every time, it’d be wasteful.

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Like @Sampson, I was raised with pee left in the bowl as no big deal but flushing solid waste was normal. In a public place then it’s always flushed and at a private home I follow the rules of the house.
I’m a female but we potty too so decided to crash your thread

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Well, the toilet down this end of the house tends to only be used by me. So I usually only flush it once a day. Australia. Drought. Bad.

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Water is too good to waste where I live. I either pee outside or if it’s too cold, my rule is:
“If it’s just a bit, I let it sit.”

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No drought here, we have more than enough water. I flush every time.

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Water drought here.
If it’s yellow, be mellow.
If it’s brown, flush it down.

And always flush after eating asparagus.

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I was just wondering how many people had flushing, public bathroom (it actually says bathroon), or urinal in their “expert” or “interests” listing.

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My post would be the exact same as @Sampson.

If it’s yellow… etc. Unless it starts to smell. Then you flush.

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@dalepetrie Your quip reminded me of a memorable outing with my kids. We were in a family restaurant, and my 4 year old decided he had to go poo. I took him to the women’s bathroom to supervise while he did his thing. This kid is notorious for clogging toilets at home…and not because he uses too much toilet paper. Anyway, when he was done and flushed, the poo ended up vertical across the flush hole and would not budge. I must have flushed the toilet five times, and the darn thing wouldn’t move. My son, of course, thought this was hilarious. No way was I going to help that thing go down, so we had to leave it as a happy surprise for the next person. My kid still talks about the time he made a poo so big and strong it couldn’t be flushed. :(

But to address the original question, I flush almost every time and so does my husband. The only time I don’t flush is if I have to get up in the middle of the night and don’t want to risk waking a kid. My kids seem to think we have a severe drought because they seem to never flush. And don’t even get me started on the boys’ aim.

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I pee in he sink so that I won’t forget to wash my hands.

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I want to see one of those claymation wrestling ring battles between
@eponymoushipster vs @ratboy
@blondesjohn vs @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities

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Adding another bit to the “Brown:Down;Yellow:Mellow” rule; If it’s liquid…

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Flush, but do not use more water than necessary.

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