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In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, can you do any split screen playing? Either online or campaign?

Asked by VanCityKid (579points) January 22nd, 2010

I know you can for the campaign in World at War, I am wondering if it has changed?

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I believe you can only play split screen (& 2 player in general) in Co ops.

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I don’t remember exactly how since I wasn’t paying attention, but you can definitely play against someone else on the same console via split screen. Too bad I hate that damned controller. Worlds apart from a mouse & keyboard.

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Only in Special Ops.

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What is the Special Ops?

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@VanCityKid do you even own the game? Right after you hit start (you know, to play the game) there’s 3 options… (from left to right the options are) Special Ops (Split screen, 2 player online, or single player missions), Campaign (single player, story mode), Muliplayer (online death matches and such).

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