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How much do utilities typically cost in an apartment?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) January 22nd, 2010

I’m seriously looking into getting my first apartment and I am wondering how much utilities cost in an apartment. Like electric, water, gas, ect.

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Depends where you live, what appliances you have in your house, and how much you use them.

I pay about $150 for electricity per month. Another $120 for water and sewer which is lumped together in one bill. This is in Hawaii where there is no heating or cooling for a two person household with a washer, dryer, water heater, one bathroom.

You will either have gas or electric hot water, and you will either have gas or electric stove. Usually you either have gas or electricity, not both. We have very old inefficient appliances, so if your place has newer more efficient ones, particularly your hot water heater and HVAC systems, you’d likely save a lot of energy and money.

The utility companies will likely give you the rates if you call and ask. You can approximate what your monthly usage rates will be and come out with an approximation for monthly cost.

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That seems crazy to me, but yeah it totally depends on all those factors. For me, all my utilities are $50/month ($100 if you include my roommate’s share). That covers internet, TV, water, heat, electricity, garage and gas. Although the rent’s so high that probably doesn’t matter that the utilities are so low (they probably threw some of the utilities into the rent cost for psychological reasons).

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Southern Illinois it is about 100–150 for gas and electric combined, and 30 for water-sewer-trash combined.

It will also depend on your personal usage habits.

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it depends on where you live, the square footage of the apartment, how you use heating and air conditioning, how much time you spend at home, how efficient your appliances are, the age of the buildings…..... I’d say, anywhere from $30–1500 per month.

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Since the rates vary for every provider, call your local utility and ask them. They can tell you the typical chages for your area.

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I pay about $10 for water/sewer, about $40 for electricity, and $25 for internet. I don’t have gas, cable, or a landline telephone.

What state are you looking to live in, and is the area rural or urban?

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