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I think I've been ripped off on e-bay! will I get my money back?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16799points) January 22nd, 2010

I bought a chef’s knife on ebay on the 14th. Paid by paypal, sent an email to the seller about the product itself. No answer. Now today, still no knife, and I looked on his feedback and there’s a new one from today saying they never heard or recieved anything , either, and said it’s a false paypal address! I opened a ‘case’ on paypal, might I get my money back?

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I’ve had things take as long as two weeks to get to me.

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if it doesnt arrive, you probably wont get your money back either. this hasnt happened to me but i know a few people who never got their stuff and ebay never really did anything as far as getting their money back either. :(

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I would wait for at least 2 weeks, but I was in the same situation just recently. I filed a dispute and I just escalated it into a claim since the seller didn’t respond to me, again. He has 10 days to respond (which he will probably not respond) or I will get my refund.

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@Mike_Hunt so if they never respond or anything will paypal refund the money?

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If you used PayPal, your purchase is covered and you should be able to get your money back.

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You should verify that your address w/ Paypal is correct and that they did charge your account. Maybe the payment didn’t go through? Depending on your method of shipping, it can take more than a week to arrive, also (just to keep in mind).

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@trailsillustrated Yes, after you escalate your dispute into a claim (which you can do anytime after you have opened your case)
It could also just be USPS.

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@Mike_Hunt I opened the case today so I have till Feb 11 to escalate it. Am I being fair? I have sold and bought hundreds of things off ebay and my husband is an ebay freeeek! I’ve never ever had anything take this long or an email unresponded to. Did I hurry too much? He now has to respond and provide shipping info, right? I saw that the payment went through on paypal

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If the seller is far away, then maybe I would give him/her a little more time. But if he/she is like in the same city, then I would immediately escalate it.

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I’d give the seller more time, especially if they are a high-volume seller. Sometimes they just get backlogged on the shipping.

If it’s not there in a week, file a dispute, then escalate it to a claim. The seller will have to respond with proof of shipping. That means a UPS or FedEx tracking number, or a Delivery Confirmation number with the USPS. It is his responsibility to prove he shipped the item. If he doesn’t provide that info, you get a refund automatically.

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Ah I didn’t know that, thanks @Seek_Kolinahr

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You will get your money back. As a seller, I even got my money back when someone claimed their credit card had been used fraudulently. It was covered by seller protection, and I know they have buyer protection too.

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ive bought many things off ebay and hadn never had an issue. i believe you will get satisfaction out of this esp. if you have a bank statement where the payment went through.

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