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Birthday gift advice...

Asked by andrew (16380points) January 13th, 2007
I need to get a small birthday gift for a female college acquaintance whom I just got back in touch with. She's in her late-twenties, she is fairly trendy, she works in the entertainment industry. Other than that I know nothing about her tastes.
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Gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure is always safe, or a really nice big candle...or a nice picture frame.
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Perhaps a subscription to the Funny Times? (1-888-FUNNYTIMES, ext. 200)The cartoons are cleverly collected from many sources. Reading it will be a good test of her sense of humor and whether you want to actually stay in touch with her.
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Manicures/pedis are wonderful treats but expensive and perhaps seen as too personal. Why not ask her? I get my best gifts that way.
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I agree with imagine401-- any of those sound great
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You can get a manicure/pedicure combo in LA for under $30
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Maybe a book by David Sedaris? Holidays On Ice is especially good and fewer people have read it. His books are hysterical, readable, and very poignant.
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$30? Wow. Maybe east coast has inflation. Combo here (near Berkshires w. lots of week-enders and second homers from NYC is $40 plus tip..Pedi alone is $35.
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cool socks, candles (soy or beeswax based), a cool food item (like unusual chocolate), blank book

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