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Any pruning advice to get my garden through the winter?

Asked by sarahsugs (2898points) January 13th, 2007
I don't know much about gardening but am attempting to take care of everything myself. I know things should be pruned so they grow back nicely in the spring but I don't know much beyond that. Here's some of what I have: rose bushes, hydrangeas, camelia bush, princess tree, lemon tree, various climbing vines (morning glory is one, another one turned red and then dropped all its leaves), lavender, some kind of hedge with purple flowers. Help!
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Too many issues for one reply; you have some perennials, some annuals (depending on what zone you live in), trees, shrubs, vines, and a hedge w. purple flowers. Pruning is complicated until you find out what blooms when and how fast things grow and whether you prune from the bottom or top and...well, you get the point. Here in zone 4, for example, which is cold, the morning glories die at the first frost. I harvest the seeds and plant them in the spring. They are fast growing. Best to buy some books..
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Since you are growing camellias and a lemon tree, you are obviously in a warm climate. Zone 7 perhaps. Different kinds of roses (hybrid teas, floribundas, David Austin, rugosa, ad libitum, need different kinds of pruning, or none at all, if you want a hedge or a barrier from nosy neighbors or predacious flower-eating ruminants
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The garden sounds beautiful; learning how to tend it will be fun, relaxing and rewarding. (One more tip; talk to your neighbors w. goreous gardens.)

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