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I need advice how to watch .Avi movies on my ibookg4 which has quicktime player.

Asked by orangetangerine (1points) January 24th, 2010

I downloaded season 5 of weeds, and the files are an .avi file. My quicktime player shows that i need a third party application for quicktime to play. I downloaded perian, which i thought would solve the problem but it doesn’t help. When i go to the mac quicktime components page, i don’t know what to download. i don’t have a ton of memory, and my mac is version 10.4.11 – so divx codex wouldn’t download. I only want it to watch movies, not edit, or do anything fancy. ... and i’ve been so stoked to see this season, and am so close can anyone advise?!

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Download the VLC media player—It should play it. Works on my G4

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VLC is your best bet. I use it for everything. It has only failed me a few times.

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VLC is great and you can also download the Perian codec pack for Quicktime which will play just about anything as well.

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I think that Perian should do the trick.

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Yeah you should try VLC media player.

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