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Am I ever going to sleep again?

Asked by theredjawa (480points) March 1st, 2008

I have been awake for 3 days straight now, which is 72 hours. Nothing weird yet. I am blogging about it on YouTube. I am also theredjawa on there.

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just lie down somewhere quiet hah. unless you don’t want to sleep BEAT YOU SQUIRBEL

no really. get somewhere relaxing and without distractions. you really should consider resting soon. make sure you’re comfortable, eat a bunch of good food, and pass out!

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At start it was insomnia. Now I kind of want to see how long I can last.

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haha go for it. i don’t think i’d go over a week though. do some research and make sure you’re not hurting your health (long term effects…)

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I don’t think I could make it a week. I don’t think I will even last another 12 hours.

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I accidently did that a few months ago. Now before you jump on me and ask “accidently?!”, hear me out! :D

See what had happened was….

I bought this box of mountain dew soda. It was a special release, called game fuel. It had 1mg of the legal limit of caffiene. I drank one. It was sort of nasty, but not too bad. After all, I took the risk and bought it, right?

Well, I was playing Warcraft (World of), and it was summer break. So I didn’t notice when time had flown by. I drank another. 12AM. I actually had to ask myself if I was tired. Answer? Nope.

1AM: nope.
2AM: nope.
2:30AM: I should go to bed anyway. But I’d rather do something than lie there! I drink another can.
8AM: oh well, can’t sleep now! (to this day I can’t sleep when the sun is out because I wasn’t allowed to when I was a kid).

And the same thing repeated for the next 2 days… After a while I realized it was the caffiene (boy am I caffiene sensitive!), and decided that since it was the summer and I had no immediate obligations, I could see how many days the 12-pack would take me. Crazy ride!

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but yeah, don’t go too long, has bad health reprecussions.

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hahhaha wow. sounds like someone’s acid trip story

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I can understand that. Mountain Dew always gets you wired.

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LOL I just saw that… Next time muhahaha

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Without sleep the brain starts to shutdown one lobe at a time untill you go insane because youre neurons are not regenerating as they do in required RIM sleep. People don’t last much past 8 days without sleep.

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Just don’t drive or go anywhere while you haven’t slept for this long, because your perception and responses will be off the charts. You may also look like hell at this point too, although that may not be a consideration, since you are sort of conducting an experiment on yourself. I usually look like hell after the second day…

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