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Should I have Windows email or Yahoo or both?

Asked by mikeyC (100points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone

ok I have Yahoo but found that if I want to email from my browser in enternet explorer
then I need windows email. Ok I heard windows email will fill up your hard drive . True or not.

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If you’re talking Microsoft Hotmail, then probably not. However, I believe Yahoo! Mail should work fine across all browsers – as opposed to Hotmail. You might also want to check other alternatives like Gmail that do not place advertisements below emails you send.

If you want an application outside your browser you might want to check out Mozilla Thunderbird.

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I would reccomend Gmail over all other web based e-mail services

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I noticed your asking this from your iphone, so do you want a email for the phone? If you are, yahoo is supported better, so I would get yahoo so its easier to get emai from you phone.

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@vincentt@fortris yes yahoo on iphone is working nice. That I do like but the yahoo email for the laptop is not allowing me to send from within enternet explorer . Say you have to email someone at their website , you click on it and Windows email pops up…,..,not yahoo . So what do I do?Gmail?

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mikeyC – you might want to configure your browser to not use Outlook. Not sure if IE can do that, but you might want to switch browsers to Firefox and find an extension that can do it (or wait for the new version, Firefox 3, which can do this by default).

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@vincentt ok I’m going to do that, thank you all.

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