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Do you still use cash?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) January 25th, 2010

I cleaned out my wallet this weekend because it broke in half after about 5 years of use. I was amazed to find that I have had the same $20 bill in there since I withdrew it from the ATM in early August of last year. That means I haven’t used cash in nearly 5 months! I haven’t written a check in over a year and a half since I moved and never ordered new checks. I use Billpay and debit/credit cards and Mint to track it all. Yes I do realize that the credit card companies and bank are tracking my spending, but I’ll trade that for the convenience and budgeting I can do electronically.

So do you still use cash?

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Yes, because the soda machine doesn’t take credit cards!

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I only use cash and checks. We cut up our credit cards not too long ago. I prefer spending money that I have, not money that I may have in the future.

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I do.

You get dinged here for using the Instant Teller (ATM) too much, so, I rarely draw out cash. And, I’ve cut back on using credit cards (because I had a bit of trouble with that in the past). So, I tend to use either debit or cash. Never checks.

But, those Loonies and Toonies (Canadian coinage), dammit – they weigh my wallet down. I tend to get rid of those suckers first.

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I prefer to leave cash for the maid service in the hotel rooms, the pizza delivery guy, the tip at the restaurant and the cheapest gas station requires cash, but otherwise no.

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@Dr_Dredd I’m so glad the machines I use do take credit cards yay!

It’s rare that I have cash on me. besides my son, of course ;) My husband makes a lot of money in the form of cash, and I take the money of his dresser if I need it for something specific that requires cash..but I usually use the debit card.

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I use cash when I have it, and debit when I don’t. I try to avoid using the debit card on purchases under $5.00.

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I use cash a lot. Many shops in the UK won’t take cards for purchases under £5. Local commuter buses take only cash. Alwas cash in the pub as well. I spend about £40 a week cash mainly for commuting, food and drink.

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Here we are 5 years later and I still use quite a bit of cash. I use cash for anything less than $20 and at stores that offer a discount for cash. I also pay cash at small shops or family owned restaurants.

Sure, I lose a little “cashback” but it is a pittance, probably less than $20 per year. For that convenience I retain some privacy and do not expose my credit card information 50–100 different times.
My spending habits are no different if I have $20 in my wallet or $500. Cash does not burn a hole in my pocket.

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