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Do you ever feel giving an answer here on Fluther, or on any other site like Fluther, is a waste of your time, and/or not appreciated?

Asked by smashbox (1302points) January 26th, 2010

Well do you?

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Not really. I hate typing so I use as few words as I can. So even if they are I only wasted 30 seconds.

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Nope. I’ve been told that I’ve been helpful in the past, and have caused a chuckle or two. Not a waste of time.

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not at all, i would not be here if i thought that. im contributing to the human pool of knowledge. all be it on a very small scale. just because you may not be paying any attention and my time and argument may be wasted on you, does not mean someone else wont find it helpful and interesting.

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I think watching a soap on TV to be much more of a waste of time than being on here.

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Nope. Sometimes I enjoy answering questions just because I have to really think about my answer. Even if nobody else finds them helpful, at least answering the question has made me think (or laugh). In that way, it’s not a waste of time.

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Certainly not, otherwise I would have quit coming back.

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sometimes yes and sometimes no.

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sometimes I sure do

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A time burner, perhaps, but definitely not a waste of time. Two unexpected benefits of contributing answers and comments to the Fluther community is (1) it’s causing me to think and say what I believe and (2) I love the feedback and lurve from people I’ll probably never meet. Also, I’m learning a lot!

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Not really. Maybe I just don’t care. I add my two cents (sometimes three) where I feel like it and move on. If I check back and there’s a reply directed at me I might talk some more, depending on what the comment is. I don’t really feel unappreciated though. In the past users have sent me PMs thanking me for an answer, but this doesn’t happen often and I don’t expect it to. If you like it, good. If you don’t, oh well, read the next one.
I do think lurve is a way of showing appreciation though, so when I read an answer I think was helpful I give them a GA regardless of whether or not I asked the question.
I’d just like to note that sometimes it kind of bugs me when the joke answers get more lurve than the legitimate answers. I’ve given the jokers lurve, but not without giving the helpful people lurve too. But, eh, so it goes I guess. /rant

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No. There are many angles here that I can benefit from.
Sharing info and a chuckle. Lots of comedians and teachers on here.
Learning something new.
Getting myself to think about something, then to write or move on.
Getting points and awards are fun too.

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Yeah, but wutcha gonna do?

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I’d say it’s a waste of my time for sure, I mean, I have tons of homework I could do, but I think that a lot of the time it is still appreciated, which makes it a little more worthwhile.

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I’ll admit there’s been a few times I’ve felt this way.

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Eh. I fluther more for me than anyone else.

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Yeah, sometimes I do. But I think I have a general under-appreciation complex anyway.

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I never even considered it this way. Certainly it interferes with other things I could be doing, like housework bleh or reading. However, I get a lot out of it… whether others get anything out of what I write or not.

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