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What are your feelings regarding faux fur may possibly be dog fur?

Asked by elijah (8659points) January 26th, 2010 from iPhone

Here’s the article I read on Dogster- link
I personally have a few items with faux fur trim, I will be checking them to see they are not dog fur. This just makes me sick. Will you continue to wear faux fur?

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How can I know if it’s not labeled as such?

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I am horrified. It is disgusting.

Here is one way to check:

The Burn Test

The best test is the burn test. In general, natural fibers burn and synthetic fibers melt. You probably won’t be able to do this test in a store, but if you buy an item or if you already have an item you’re unsure of, cut or pluck a few hairs off of the garment. Using a lighter or a match, try to burn the ends of the hairs. If the tip of the hair burns, crumbles away when you touch it and smells like human hair burning, it is real fur. If the tip of the hair melts, curls up into a hard ball and smells like an unnatural chemical, the fur is synthetic.

Courtesy Animal Rights

But I would just part the fur and look for the pelt because one might be arrested for burning fur in a store…

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@tinyfaery the article says you can seperate the fur, if you find stitching it’s faux. It also suggests the burn test as @Dog mentioned.

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I don’t wear anything with real fur or faux fur. The concept behind the idea does not sit right with me.

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you can easily tell faux fur by touching it. all faux fur does not feel real.

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Like @shego, I can’t bring myself to wear anything that looks like fur, even if it’s faux. Just imagining what faux fur is supposed to look like grosses me out. After seeing this, I’m glad I’ve got this practice. How sickening.

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My head would go through the woof!

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I don’t wear real or faux so no problem for me.

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Oh great. Now people are offended by fake fur.

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@Austinlad, you must be barking mad!~ ;-)

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i had heard this several years ago. I heard Bloomingdales was selling coats with dog fur trim, of course, not labeled as such. i don’t have anything that looks like fur. if you go on the Peta website, you can see dog and cat abuse in China. it’s sickening and the images will stay with you.

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I can’t even think about it.

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dog fur, cat, fur, real fur feels like real fur. faux fur is plastic and easy to tell. get a grip

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@trailsillustrated: You may want to take heed to all the above advice, lest you be attacked by a colony of angry cats or pack of dogs in the street.

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Dogs’ coats are hair rather than fur. They shed like mad even when on a living dog and would be so much more costly to process and of such poor quality than there would be few cases where even Cruella de Ville would want to use it.

It is easy to distinguish synthetic ‘fur’ from real animal coats.
If I were in any doubt, I would avoid the product.

Any faux fur I would wear would be as a lining to a winter coat.

I do not use real animal fur for any purpose!

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I don’t wear either. But I imagine I wouldn’t like it and would stop.

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@trailsillustrated: Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. :)

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it’s obviously not. Faux fur feels nothing like real fur…. I don’t wear it anyway, but if it was i would campaign against it :)

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