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how to get out of debt

Asked by dtemple1277 (4points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone

in debt.

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Stop borrowing, reduce spending and cut costs.
Make higher payments.
Pay extra on high interest loans first.
Find something to do on the side that adds to your income.

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I’ve found biggest problem with people who are in debt, is that they keep buying things they can’t afford.

They just need to STOP. Stop buying what you can’t afford and you should be able to start paying off the existing debt you have easier than you think.

I think this may help illustrate the point.

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Sometimes it is easy to say that just control your spending or do not use your credit card and you’re good. But, there are situations that you need help. I believe that if your credit card debt problem is knee-deep, you should seek the help of a credit card counselor from a reputable debt counseling company.

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