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What's missing in your life right now. Let's say one thing, and it's pretty big. What would it be?

Asked by Jude (32101points) January 27th, 2010

We’re not talking—a new muffler for your car, or a bonus from work. Not that.

I’m talking intimacy, emotion, ambition, serenity, good health, excitement, etc.

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someone else.

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Someone to love me like I love them, someone to have the same sexual needs as I do.

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Someone else to make sure I don’t act like an ass.

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@Dibley – Ditto!

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Trust I used to enthusiastically the give people I love.
After many bitter years I went and gave my love and trust in ‘08 and then had it go to shite. Now I’m with a partner I love in so many ways and I want to give him the very best of myself but often fight with bad habits and old emotional hurts. I want to be able to trust mytself not to irrationally act up.

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The ability to walk where and when I want easily. My bad knee, which is getting better after a shot from an orthopedics specialist, has had me limping around the house for the past two months.

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Courage not to do something ‘enjoyable’ but ‘wrong’.

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A purpose.

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I’m pretty content with everything…the only thing I need is A JOB. I just moved across the country, and if I don’t find one in the near future, its gonna be byebye colorado and hello again dreary gray brown rainy slushy pittsburgh….I cry at the thought.

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Peace. I don’t feel at peace with myself, but I’m working towards it. I’m Getting rid, one by one, of the things in my life that are dross.

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Lately, for me, intimacy.

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My S/O that’s all.

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@Dibley wait I thougt you had that already in your boyfriend?

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My mom to have good health
also @jmah. naked. wait, what?

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A passionate excitement about someone or something. Everything is good; nothing is great.

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The right meds, so I can get out of this depression and finish my thesis.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yep, as a jay bird. Come and get me.

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@jmah I would. If you’d let me.

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A functioning pancreas among other things would be handy ;0

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@epony, you’re a brat.

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@eponymoushipster whatever, you’re jealous

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epony made me laugh.

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I’m missing a sense of community.

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Being with my friends..

@nicobanks You can share mine :3

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My appendix. :(

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I would love, more than anything, to close the distance (physically) between my SO and I.. we only get our weekends together :( We both want, so badly, to be living together but he has to finish his house and then sell it.. we hope to be living together by late summer/early fall this year <3 The wait is making us bonkers!!

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@ElleBee… least you get to spend time together on the weekends. That’s wonderful.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@ElleBee I hope you two can get together permanently really soon, such a wonderful couple!

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time. I’m always missing time.

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The economic and physical means to travel and meet new people and see new places.

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A state of health that affords freedom from pain, freedom to enjoy a carefree diet, and a good night’s sleep.

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stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@rangerr for a lovely lady like you, that will come surely with time

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Each of the simple things that my now wife promised…. before we were married.

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a good party

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I thought your current Bf had all that covered @Dibley ; but if you don’t mind the age diff you could come visit the wife and I for a few months…hee hee hee- just kiddin, love your red hair lots

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A job. I really need a job.

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Mathematical skills but I guess that is something I can get.

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@JessicaisinLove : You are so very right, I am lucky and I should be looking at the fact that I do get to see him the amount that I can. You just brought a very deep clarity to me, I’m very thankful <3

@stranger_in_a_strange_land : thank you so much for that sweet and kind comment! I sent my SO the link so that he can see it also <3 Lots of good karma is flowing your way from us both!

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Freedom from my relationship. Yes, that…

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Someone to share my life with. Laughter, holding hands. Just the simple things in a relationship.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land best wishes to you! I’m sure you can do it.

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Clarity of vision.

Also, I’d like to add that @eponymoushipster‘s original answer is masterful.

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A cure for Autism for my Son.

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My dad’s health. If that would get better, all would be well in my world.

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@Dibley you the words right out of my mouth.

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I am lacking confidence and happiness at the moment so this is what I am missing for this moment in my life. Trying to find activities to keep myself occupied and keep my head up and this cloud will soon turn to sunshine.

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energy, motivation

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My kids.

In 1 week and 3 days I will only see them every other week end and one night a week.

It feels like they are already gone.

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A buyer for my ridiculously pain-in-the-ass apartment building.

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@phil196662 I don’t mind age differences, as lond as it’s not younger!

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@Dibley He’s slowly coming around, I hope. You richly deserve the love that you give returned to you.

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- explanation of dark matter
– explanation of dark energy
– complete replacement of fossil fuels with viable alternatives

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control – i have no control over anything right now

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Let’s see… money or health, money or health? Hmmm. It’s a toughie, but if I had money, I could have health insurance. If I had health insurance, I could afford my medications, doctor’s visits, and some testing I really need. Then, my health might improve a little. Guess I’m going to have to go with money. :(

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LOL I hear you and agree. I wish others would.

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@Dibley – I think I will pm you…

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Trust for sure! I hate it when people tell me I should not be paranoid or insecure and then they give me reasons or they purposely do dishonor to me while dishonoring themselves.

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I take back my answer. All I need now is cuddle time.

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I feel as you do.
We live in a very pretentious world. People are emulating the Politicians. They bullshit so much they believe their own lies; but I do not.
I would like to make all Politicians compromise and stop speaking unrealistic party ideologies. I’d like to force people to tell the truth. I hate all deceitful people.
I see through all the hype.; and I am sickened by dishonest people that do have the integrity to be on the level.

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You are better equipped and I envy anyone who can quickly read insincerity. I have this handicap of giving people the benefit of a doubt or wanting to trust them as much as possible because I feel not to trust or to become suspicious means there is something lacking in myself. It’s a bunch of idealistic bs to made to feel guilty for being leery or protective.

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Reading people well comes with life experience.
I am the Mother of an Autistic young Man. I have no choice.
America would benefit if we all stood up to the Politicians; and demanded solutions as opposed partisan nonsense.
People do not have to accept things as is. I see accepting things as is; as and easy way out. It is much harder to fight back for working people; but real change will only come when we do.
If people called their Senators and congressmen weekly. If people emailed them all the time. Demanding solutions they would have to listen.
America is a nation bulit on peoples desire to be free. To have a voice in how their nation is run.

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clarity about relationships

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My idenity.

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today… probably just a little bit of exercise:-)

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A cure for autism.

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@philosopher Wouldn’t it rather be a more accepting and understanding society for those with autism? xx

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Most are clueless and do not want to learn.

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@Jeruba Yes, I guess so sadly :-(

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Someone to love :(

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Love and affection.

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I live on a farm in the country and have no friends…...
I have FB friends and social media friends but no one
I can call and say lets get a cup of coffee.

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