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What do you think of the sleeping TTC (Toronto Transit) subway fare collector guy?

Asked by Civic_Cat (530points) January 27th, 2010

The Sleeping TTC Fare Collector Photo Needs a Caption

The above link leads to a blog that includes a photo where a TTC subway fare collector is fast asleep. It’s in all the Toronto papers.

(Here’s the question in Answerbag)

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If you already asked on AB, why do you have to re-ask it here?

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More responses. Perhaps better ones.

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That’s my grandmother!

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Well, people get tired sometimes.

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I don’t understand why people find this at all interesting or amusing or offensive or anything. Maybe I’m missing something because I’m not from Toronto though. (There seems to be some union-hate surrounding this guy/picture…? Whatever.)

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I actually feel bad for the guy.
I’m not a fan of the TTC – I take it because I have to and have had many unpleasant rides/encounters. Be it rude TTC employees, packed streetcars or waiting way too long during rush hour etc.
However, I feel bad for this particular guy because people put him through the guantlet. It didn’t need to be splayed all over the Sun paper. Yes, he shouldn’t be sleeping on the job, but people are crucifying him for the wrong reason. This isn’t what our fare hike money is going to. It doesn’t pay his salary. I’m more irritated with the flat screen TVs that they spend money on rather than improving service. I’d rather have an extra streetcar than a TV I can watch while waiting 20 minutes for one.
If anything, I find the photo of the sleeping worker to be funny and yes, he should be embarassed by it, but not tortured by it. Besides, I’d rather deal with a sleeping TTC man than an asshole, rude one.

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I found out that he was in the front page of the Toronto Sun.

Here’s a more sympathetic portrayal by the very same paper.
TTC sleeper back on job
(By JOE WARMINGTON, Toronto Sun)

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