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What is your definition of a Fluther worthy question?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3712points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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Something that provokes discussion and can’t readily be answered by a quick Google or Wiki.

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Or something that the asker really wanted to know and didn’t know how to find/figure out.

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Or something that is better answered by the public rather than a “research panel.”

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What is a chocolate chip cookie? = bad question
Do you like chocolate chip cookies? = tolerable question
How do you keep chocolate chip cookies from sticking to the cookie sheet when baking them? = good question

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Any question that has been asked out of genuine interest, I’d say. Something the asker really wants to know, and probably hasn’t been able to find elsewhere.

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Parchment paper BTW

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Concur with Vincentt here—if the answer is trivial to find on Wikipedia or with a Google search, it doesn’t belong here. Also, if it’s something strangers have no way of knowing (“will I have fun on my birthday?” or “will I marry so-and-so?”)

Good questions have an element of subjectivity so that there’s something to discuss. What do you like about chocolate chip cookies? Are they better with oatmeal or nuts in them? Why do you like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies more than plain chocolate chip cookies?

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something that needs knowledge to answer, not just information. anyone can get information.

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Something that informs and sparks interaction. Like the questions related to the lunar eclipse, and the meteor showers.

Something that takes us away from our intense seriousness for a brief moment. That draws significant participation and exposes more of our true selves to the community without being too inane, like the Cake question.

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I thought this was a good question, but the collective doesn’t seem to share in my opinion. That’s cool, I will just stay in the bottom ranks, that is where I belong.

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@bulbatron9 – nobody said it was a bad question. I think it’s a good question too, I just never click the “Great question” link because I don’t really think of it (the “Great Answer” link is way more visible).

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Since this is my rather dim-witted question, I am sharing it only because of the clear and helpful answers that solved my problem. I had initially tried the Mac Spotlight, Help files and links but my question was too specific.

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Something that hasn’t been asked before or could offer better information than otherwise previously.

See my Question –

then you can decide whether it is important to ask a truly thorough & informative Question.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. A Fluther worthy question to me is:
• One where the answer is not just a fact you can pull up from the Net.
• A question that causes you to expand your mind.
• A question that has logic behind it and not just an emotional one.
• A question that can be logically answered aside from a purely isolated localized answer like ”Do ______________ love me?”; that question cannot possibly be answered because it requires us to know more than we do about the participants.
• A question that may shed a new light on an old belief.
• A question that is genuine even if not politically correct.
• A question that causes you to really explore the outer reaches of your mind.

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