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Why do we live in a world where money is put before people?

Asked by rawrgrr (1562points) January 29th, 2010

Hi, I’m pretty new to this site and have noticed it’s full of smart flutherites. I’m only 15 so sorry if I have trouble really expressing my ideas. Well anyways, as I grew older this thought really kept tugging me, sort of like this isn’t how things are supposed to be.

Why do we almost always put money before people? If you really think about it, it’s is the cause to almost all of our problems, (global warming, the not so great health care.. etc) and it bothers me a bit how everyone actually likes it this way. We are replacing love with money (sorry to sound a bit cheesy but really think about it) we have made it so that money is what makes the world go round (which really doesn’t make the world go round at all!) There is so much greed in the world, so much hate, violence, people just don’t care about anything anymore unless they get their money. And when anyone tries to point out this problem someone has to yell ”communism!

Is this really how we wan’t to keep living? We have to shatter this illusion that some of us are better than others, nobody is better than anybody no matter how much money you have. This isn’t going to work forever.

Why do we always have to divide people in so many ways, we think of each other as separate, why can’t we treat each other like neighbours? Agghh I don’t want this to get too long. You might think this is all silly but this is what I think. This is what I feel. The reason I shared this is to see what you think, and I know that many other flutherites have some great ideas to share also.

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Well written. I agree with most of your post and I don’t see a way out. We all must live our lives without worshipping the Great Money God and maybe slooowly we’ll affect more and more people.

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Money solves problems. Too many people are irrationally afraid of money, because we are told it is evil. Its not evil, it is necessary.

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I refuse to worship the Money God. Beyond my immediate needs, money is a thing to help make the world a better place with.

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@jackm I will have to respectfully disagree. We are just told it is necessary. If the government told us that chickens where the new currency we would see the same effect. If we stop living in the capitalist pyramid and bring everyone to the same level we would be able to do some extraordinary things. We are living in the illusion that money makes the world go round, no it’s us!.

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@faye Thank you and I hope so too.

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Good question. we do not live in a perfect world. its full of those that have and those that have not. in other words its the rich versus the poor. the middle class people are going extinct. lets look at a 10 dollar bill. standing alone, a 10 dollar bill is worth about ten cents to print. but, standing behind the 10 dollar bill are guaranteed gold reserves of the United States. there have been wars over a 10 dollar bill. this is in theory, but here is the real truth. its a five letter word…....G R E E D. people have killed for the ten dollar bill. greed is what drug dealers are all about. drug dealers sell illegal drugs to anyone, because of greed and the love of money. you are fifteen, a year of puberty. read these answers and let the information sink in. remember this: an arrested person received more prison time for robbing a bank, rather than taking the life of another human being. this should give you some idea as to how society treats the love of money, compared to the value of a human life. that word again is G R E E D.

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Money is not the cause of those problems; greed is the cause of those problems. Just like the old Biblical saying that is always misquoted “money is the root of all evil”. Actually, it’s “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

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The $10. bill is no longer backed up by a chunk of gold. It’s all just play now.

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Because we live in a world that places too much emphasis on materialism and not nearly enough consideration for humanitarianism.

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Welcome to fluther, @rawrgrr.

It’s not so much that we put money before people (though I will grant you that happens often enough!), but many of us spend our lives earning money (since we do need it, after all—you’ll grant that, right?) and we prefer to distribute it as we—earners—see fit.

So, yes, there is need in the world. The world’s “need” is a bottomless pit. So not only will it not solve the world’s problems of need for me to throw all that I have into that pit, but then I would be left with nothing, too, and then also miserable.

That’s a somewhat simplistic answer, but I hope you realize that the question (even with the level of profundity that it does have) is relatively simplistic, too.

Keep at it, though.

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well, in my opinion, people put money first before other people is because as what @jackm and @stranger_in_a_strange_land has said, it is a necessity. we use this as a means to gain access to whatever that we wanna have: health care, fun, entertainment or just a good plain old dose of satisfaction. and about all the people not just loving each other, don’t you think it would be a tiny bit of boring if everyone got along with each other? i think that’s why we live in such a spiteful and loathsome world. because it is in the darkest times that we all shine the brightest (i know, sounds cheesy). if it we were all happy and merry, i don’t think we’d be able to appreciate the real essence of peace for it is in the lack thereof that we truly know how valuable it is.

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@jmmf We have created the illusion that it is a necessity to put money before people when it is really the people who give money the great power it has today. Money is worth nothing without people, the importance suddenly disappears and it just becomes a piece of paper. We don’t work for money, it works for us. Also I really don’t think a person would rather live in a world with all this hate and violence and countless problems than a “boring” one without it (just because a place doesn’t have problems doesn’t mean it’s boring). That’s another problem too, we actually think that we need the problems! I still stand strongly behind my argument. Think about it.

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Nothing answers this better than that brilliant movie, ‘The God’s Must Be Crazy’. Look at the havoc a Coke bottle started amongst a loving and gentle tribe. Luxury enters your home a guest and soon becomes a master. It must be what they mean by human nature.

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First thing that came to my mind are the Haitians! The government in Haiti will not even spend the money to take pictures of the dead so their loves ones can have some closure. Loading them up in a trucks and carry them to the landfill. Did not even have the decency to cover the dead with dirt. Shameful!

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@Dracool I heard of it before and I will check it out now. Thanks!

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@BoBo1946 Yes it is very sad what happened in Haiti. I wish them the best

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@rawrgrr i actually agree with what you said about us giving value to money since it is just a medium that we use in order to trade whatever it is that we need. but whether it be pebbles or shells, it is a fact that if we don’t have it, we’d suffer and we won’t be able to enjoy the simple luxuries of life. actually, if i was given the choice, i’d say i’d stay with how exactly the world is right now. i don’t think i’d be able to appreciate the feeling of relief and unburdened if i haven’t actually experienced the opposite of that. i respect your opinion on how you think we don’t need the problems, and yes, we don’t need them but they’re there and the best we can do about it is to toughen up and brace ourselves for the challenge of life. after all, what can’t kill you will make you stronger.

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@rawrgrr one of the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime!

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Because money can buy what people want. If people get what they want, more often than not they are happier or whatever happiness is to them. If they are happier than the ideal or way of things becomes simple. More money, more things I want and can get.The more happier I might feel.

The best thing I can tell you is work the system, and the money to your advantage. The likely hood of it going away anytime soon is slim to none.If not its just going to bother you for the rest of your life. As I too had similar thoughts.

And I think if we ever get to the point where the world no longer cares about money, than its probably the ending of world or some serious shit going on.

An ending note I know money can not buy happiness, but the way I see it, its all relative.Money can not buy everything….but it sure as hell buys most of it.

Just my opinion.

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@rawrgrr btw, that was a well-written question and a very good question!

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@jmmf Thanks for the response. If I understand correctly what you are trying to say is that people need a sort of trading system wether it be pebbles or rocks. I think that when we get to the point when people really start to care about one another, this sort of trading system will become less important or disappear. Think of it like this, if you love someone, you’ll do almost anything for them. The reason people love this sort of trading system we have now is because they don’t need to feel anything for the other person to get what they want or give. Yes this might sound silly but i’ve given this a lot of thought and I think that once we all agree (that’s really all it takes) we can move mountains. I don’t think money will go away completely any time soon but I think the way we think about it/use it will change a lot in the near future. We need to remember, we are all people here! Money is only as important as we want it to be. This is what I believe, and once we all agree, we can change anything together.

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@BoBo1946 Thank you I appreciate it.

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Hi there @rawrgrr and welcome!
You seem very bright for your age, and aware of how greed can hurt and damage.
I hope you learn to make friends with money and use it as a tool to aquire a good life and be able to always use money wisely to provide for your familys health and well being. Maybe your generation will be able to turn things around for the worlds sustainable prosperity?

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@Steve_A Thank you for your answer. I don’t think money will go away any time soon either but I’m positive the way it is used will change. Yes we can get all the material things we want that make us think we’re happy but until we start to realize that most simple things in life are the things that make us the happiest im sure we’ll start to change how we use money for the better. My friend told me the other day about something she saw on Oprah about people in Denmark living in really really tiny houses and yet it’s one of the happiest places on the planet. I just hope people start really waking up and realizing what money really gives us. Yes it can buy a lot of things but we really don’t need them.

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@OneMoreMinute Thank you. I hope so too !

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wow, i’d have to agree with the people here, you are smart. like what others have said, instead of hating the system for all its flaws, just learn to use it to your advantage. i’d have to admit, i had that same stand on that same issue when we started discussing economics in class and all of the numerous market system. but trust me when i say that it’s not going to go away anytime soon. this whole trading thing has been going on for as long as people could remember by trading their livestock with crops and vice versa. money is only a medium to facilitate the trading since it would be such a hassle to drag our cows around, isn’t it? you don’t have to accept the fact that money is good, but you can’t say it’s bad either. and with what you said that if we all agree we can move mountains, that’s the problem. people would never agree with each other. we’re just too complex and fascinating of a species that we’d always find something to disagree on. besides, if we’d all just give each other because of our love, don’t you think this would make some dependent on the fact that they could just ask for they will receive?

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_ I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think that once we all agree (that’s really all it takes) we can move mountains._

I hate to break it to you, but you just reinvented money. Money is an agreement. We all agree on what it means and what it stands for. As soon as we don’t agree, the economy tanks. Money is about confidence in each other. What do you think love is? Among other things, it is about confidence in each other.

We do not live in the world you think we live in because you don’t understand how the world is constructed. What you are interested in, it seems to me, is a more equitable distribution of resources amongst the peoples of the world, and greater attention paid to apparent threats to the future of humanity.

Those problems are important problems, but they have nothing to do with money, per se. They have everything to do with relationships between people, and, as you seem to suggest, love. But there is so much more to complicate matters, and it is not at all clear whether we would be better off, collectively with a more equitable distribution of wealth, nor is it clear that global warming is the problem people fear it to be.

Nope. It’s not money that goes before people. It’s people that go before people. And that is a much more intractable problem than trying to change the metaphor for value.

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This is not something that can be debated. The government did NOT invent money. Take an economics class.

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@wundayatta Brilliant! That’s feels really good.
If you ever choose to be in politics….
you already have my vote!

And what do you suppose is buried under those mountains that get moved?
(probably the Fed Reserves gold supply!! haha!)

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@wundayatta I agree with what you are saying. I’m not really sure what you mean when you say money is an agreement. Just wondering if you could elaborate on that.

Anyways those “threats to the future of humanity” do have a lot to do with money. Let’s take global warming for example. Do you know why it’s taking us so long to switch to electric cars? Because oil companies make a ton of money off of it. They don’t want you to stop buying their oil and because they don’t want you to stop buying, they try to hide the obvious problems it is causing the world. If you really look deep into all the problems we still have today it is because of money.

Do you know why marijuana is still illegal for example? It is no worse than the drugs we already have legalized today. It is illegal because half of the worlds manufacturers would go out of business. Again, all about money. Marijuana has many amazing benefits, it can make the longest lasting clothes, can be great for medical care and can be used for paper without cutting down a single tree (and it can be grown almost everywhere). Most people have no idea of the amazing benefits marijuana has and why do you think this is hidden from us? Do you see how all these problems are all related to money and greed?

We could change all this though if we wanted too. People just don’t want to because they wouldn’t get much money in return.

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umm, wait, before i further share my views about money, i suggest you take up an economics class first. you cannot truly agree or disagree on certain not unless you learn about it. you study it. the monetary system may have its flaws but its really quite unfair for you to criticize a system which has been existing long before any of us here has been born. the main reason why it’s been going around for such a long time is because it works for everyone.

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@jmmf Sorry, I’m just 15 and wanted to share but I just want to say that money doesn’t work for everyone. Actually there are many it doesn’t work for. This is why i posted this thread. Where we live now if someone has more someone else has to have less. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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My interest in my happiness > my interest in your happiness.

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@jmmf, that’s a common misconception about economics, that it’s a zero-sum game. Assuredly it is not.

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@rawrgrr When I was your age, I started fighting pretty much exactly the same battles. I was anti-war (Vietnam), worried about what would happen when oil ran out (pro solar energy), concerned about nuclear waste and contamination of humanity (anti-nuke), concerned about over-population and the misuse of human resources, concerned about poverty and the difference between the richest and the poorest, pro environment (we were worried about a river near Cleveland that had just caught fire). I could go on and on—racism, sexism, homophobia, legalization of marijuana… it exhausts me just thinking about it.

I could go through another litany of the things I did to try to address these problems, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that it didn’t make much if any difference at all. My work got buried under the mountain of confused work that six billion other humans were doing. But I tried, and I’m still trying—even if I have been beaten down and cynicized in between.

What I want you to look at is human relationships. You are getting confused by looking at money. Money is not the point. It’s nothing without an agreement between people as to what it means. Money is more like a word—a symbol. It means nothing unless we collectively decide to give it a certain meaning.

The real problem arises from another trait that is the result of evolutionary pressures: status. You may have heard of supply and demand—it’s what determines prices in free markets, and value in totalitarian markets. No one can escape it. And really, take people’s advice and learn about economics—it will really help you. I was very skeptical of economics for the first thirty years of my life, but gradually I began to understand how well it helped explain human behavior. Sociology helps a lot, too. Many disciplines are important to know about.

So what is that trait? I think of it as status. Every human seeks the highest status they can achieve. The higher your status, the more people like you and want to be near you and want to connect with you. Most importantly, the more chances you have to reproduce, creating more people who are similar to yourself, while the people without status have children who also have very little status.

This is what we are truly fighting. It’s human nature. It is what got us to where we are.

Money is one way of symbolizing status, but it’s not the only way. One thing that gives us status is our relationships and the esteem in which other people hold us. You don’t need money to be held in high esteem. Esteem doesn’t translate well into money. Money can help you get esteem as well as love and friendship, but there is a lot more to it that money can’t get you.

People like to quantify things because it makes it easier to understand what is going on. They tend to discount things that can’t be quantified very well. It’s as if love or esteem for others doesn’t count.

Thus people focus on money and things and wealth and how we measure wealth. These are just human things. Money is the agreement we reach to assign value to everything we make, do, or own. It helps us organize our economy and our work.

Underneath that is what people are looking for. We struggle and climb and try to be better than others so we can get what we want. Status gives us access to what we want. For some that might be power, for others a chance to talk to people and on and on. The focus though, is on individuals. And that is what makes it hard for people to focus on the big picture.

I, myself, want status because I need love. I need love more than anything and I need more than most people normally have. I need it because I never had it growing up. And like poor people who become gazillionaires because they never had anything as a child, I need to be a gazillionaire in love because I’ll never feel safe. I’ll feel like I’m always a paper wall’s thickness away from losing love, losing hope, and losing life. If there were a love bank, I would have put away more love than most people would see in ten lifetimes. And it’s still not enough to fill the hole inside me.

So I write. I try to talk to people. I try to get appreciation for what I think. I try to help people. I try to be the best person I can be so as many women will like me as possibly can. That’s the kind of status I want, and it’s a kind that money isn’t good at measuring.

Change is slow because people always take the easiest path. Right now, oil is so much cheaper than solar power, and it is plentiful enough that people don’t have to really ration it, so people use it profligately. The oil companies do not have a conspiracy to fight electric cars. Hell, they own solar power companies. They know oil will run out. They want to be able to make money some other way when that happens.

Global warming is a very tricky issues. Almost everyone now agrees it exists, although there is much debate about how much of a contribution humanity makes. More importantly, there is disagreement that we can predict the consequences of global warming, and some think it might have a more beneficial effect while others think it will be a disaster.

There are so many issues, and you’ll see them all discussed here on fluther. You will also find many people like yourself who are passionate about these issues on fluther. When I was fifteen, I was pretty sure I knew so much more than my elders. It frustrated me no end that they wouldn’t change the way they acted. The older I got, the less I felt I knew. The more I saw that I didn’t understand. The less certain I became that my knee-jerk reactions were right. I found myself coming to see that those who had been my opposition while I was young actually had ideas that helped me achieve the goals I have.

Part of my problem when young was that I didn’t know how to present myself. I only knew how to shout. I didn’t know how to listen, and I didn’t know how to use respect in order to persuade people. But then, it’s always been hard for me to deal with social issues. I could never read people very well.

So, besides economics, the other thing that is most important, I think, for dealing with these problems, is people skills. It helps to know how to listen. It helps to be able to read people and to be able to guess where they come from just by the way they present themselves. All that takes experience. But these are the things that will help you work to bring about the changes you are interested in. With any luck, you’ll have a great deal more success than I had.

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@wundayatta Thank you for your answer. People like you are the reason I stayed on Fluther. I’m sorry to hear you had what seems like a hard life, childhood. It’s just these problems sometimes make very sad I feel like I need to shout something to the world (or Fluther in this case). Ahhh it just makes me so sad. I just want to do something but I guess this changes as I get older. We’ll see. Thanks again

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The main difficulty is that people are greedy. Fix that, and the rest will follow.

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@Nullo I say this ruefully, but how can that be fixed?

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Where ya gonna go?

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Divine intervention, mostly. It’s a matter of the heart, one of the nastier bits of our corrupt nature. Christianity has had some success in this department. A major perspective shift helps, as happens when one realizes that all that he has effectively belongs to God.

In the event that one does not wish to rely on God to change hearts (and there are many who would sooner run over their toes), there is something of a workaround.

If your best friend were to show up on your doorstep and ask if he could stay with you for a while because his house burned to the ground, would you be inclined to let him? Or if your cousin were facing eviction for failure to pay the rent, would you lend him some money (and would you charge interest!)?

Dunbar’s Number is the theoretical upper limit to the number of stable relationships that an individual can maintain; for the purposes of this discussion, it’s the number of people that you actually care about enough to help without much reservation. It is estimated to be around 150.
I think that, In order to override greed and personal advancement, you would have to restructure society around groups of about 150. And this brings its own problems, like being stuck with the same 150 people for the rest of your life, somebody micromanaging your life, and the fact that such a system cannot simply be dropped into place in our modern world. :\

My secular solution: a confederation of agrarian clans, which occasionally split to keep from exceeding Dunbar’s Number. This would rely on the strong ties of family to keep everybody more or less together, socially. The agrarian aspect would support the family and power the economy. Excessive legislation would be replaced with tradition. Local government could be any format that one desires, including the Athenian version of democracy. Each clan would be represented in the confederation, which would exist to sort out troubles between the clans.

This would work best after the collapse of civilization.

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@Nullo Sounds like an outline for a great dystopic novel.

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Ain’t it glorious? Though I wasn’t shooting for a dystopia :(.

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I agree with @jackm and @Nullo‘s comment about “Greed.”

Money is poorly understood by too many people. Capitalism isn’t evil. @rawrgrr there are a few books I could suggest to you that might change your opinion on that.

Capitalism is a system that simply says: “If you can find a way, I’ll let you do it.” and it’s always talking to YOU the individual. There are so many people out there who don’t understand how to count their money and how to deal with money in an intelligent way.

As one author says, there will always be the rich and the poor and all the rest of the problems in the world. You can decide to face those problems as either a rich person or a poor person. He says he would prefer to face all of life’s issues as a person with money rather than as one without. Me too. It just makes sense.

The poor and middle class and the hippies and anarchists are simply ignorant about what to do with money. Learn to use money well. Avoid the snare of laziness. Capitalism doesn’t do anything for those who don’t try to make it really work for them.

It’s simply a matter of finding out how. And that’s the solution I propose: Better education about how to deal with money.

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@ninjacolin Making that kind of money is an 80 hour per week job. Why are you on fluther?

@Nullo I think you like the idea of agrarian society. It sounds like hell to me. Although I’m with you on the 150 limit for groups. I just think it doesn’t have to be the same 150 people all your life.

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I picked the agrarian society because – after hunter/gatherer – that’s the most easily sustainable one. If you can work out a micro-level industrialized society, you’re welcome to substitute it. Just keep in mind that all resources need to come from somewhere.

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it’s not a job, wundayatta. it’s just a clear perspective of money, it’s value, and how to use it.

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@ninjacolin I’m not saying capitalism is evil, it’s just that lots of people’s greed for money can turns them “evil.” It’s not the money, it’s not the system, it’s just the way it’s designed that makes it very easy to fall in that “money before people” sort of mentality that many have already done. People start putting money before everything else. This is what I don’t like. I’m still learning by the way, this thread has taught me a lot.

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In our society money is necessary to take care of the people who are important to us and take care of ourselves, money is important. It is just how it is. It buys you shelter, healthcare, independence, freedom, and power if you seek it.

Money also represents accomplishment to many people. Some people might feel great about themselves when they make a meal everyone enjoys, or help a person, and others might get that great feeling from making money.

It would be great if communism really worked, but it doesn’t. America is a hybrid of ideas, capitalism, social systems, and we are always tweeking the combination of these ideas. Hopefully one day we will get it right.

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“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

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I think currency should have never been created and we should have learned a little something from the peaceful cultures that came before us, like say, the Native Americans. Money is a lot of the time put before people, if not in a single action, in big life decisions it can be. But people do still have a heart before a bank account, sometimes.

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Didn’t Native Americans have wampum?

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Because nowadays almost everyone puts themselves first. Sad, sad.

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And even if that were a local thing, they still traded with others. They didn’t have a magical socialist paradise, just smaller, more closely-knit social groups.

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Ah, the myth of the wise native who knows how to live lightly on earth and is forever peaceful with his fellow peoples.

The NorthWestern natives held Potlatch gatherings where they competed for status. It was slightly different—the chief who gave away the most held the highest status. Although I’m sure no one gave away everything, so I suspect that in the end it was similar to the way rich people these days go to charity balls or set up foundations.

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@Nullo, that quote is false: Many evils have been caused without having anything to do with the love of money.

@rawrgrr “It’s not the money, it’s not the system, it’s just the way it’s designed that makes it very easy to fall in that “money before people” sort of mentality that many have already done. People start putting money before everything else. This is what I don’t like”

Okay, well if I understand your intentions properly, I would have to suggest that you’re looking in the wrong place for the question you mean to be asking. That which disturbs you so much in all of this has nothing to do with money at all. Money is just a tool. Like a knife. Your accusation against money or capitalism (and i know you don’t intend this, but i’m telling you how your question is being conveyed) is similar to blaming the invention or sharpness of knives for corrupting men into stabbing people.

“Something about Knives has to change because people start putting knives into people whenever they are sharp enough.”

I told @Nullo his quote was false above and it’s really really important. That idea has permeated civilization for thousands of years. It’s a very old and very deceptive meme. It makes people think money is somehow responsible for any kind of problem we face when in actuality, the problem isn’t money or it’s various systems. The problem is epitomized by the term “greed” but more specifically, I’ll correct Nullo’s quote:

Ignorance is the root of all evil: which while some were consumed by, they have erred, and pierced others and themselves through with many sorrows.”

I’m glad you’ve learned a lot from this thread. There’s a lot more to know as well. Not just for you, but for everyone to learn about what money is, how it should be used, and how it should be protected. Without that knowledge, mistakes with money will continue to happen that result in all the issues we will ever complain about.

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It’s misquotations like “money is the root of all evil” that gets people thinking that money is somehow responsible for any kind of problem. I suspect that you might have misread the quote.
Beyond that, the text is being poetic. The love of money is the same emotion as the love of power (since money basically is power in a quantifiable form), and the love of power (and its flip side, a lack of regard for one’s fellows) causes the world’s griefs.

Think of a crime. See if the motive isn’t some kind of greed or selfishness. Go on, I’ll wait.

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@ninjacolin I agree with you. That’s not what I meant and I hope others didn’t think that either. My question is asking why do we put money before people. I’m not saying money is evil, or bad, sorry if it sounded like that and if you read my other posts on this thread I mentioned a few times that money is as important as we the people make it to be, it’s just money, an object. Just like how I don’t blame knives for my cuts, I don’t blame money. I am simply asking why we continue to live in a world where we keep putting money before people and why we actually like it this way. I’m not saying money is bad (or that we should all become communists), it’s all about how it’s used, and I wonder why we are still using it the way we do.

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@Nullo i think we could have a great discussion about this money stuff. :) oh wait, we’re trying to.. but i don’t have time to get into some of what you said right now.. i guess i’ll come back and we’ll chat!

@rawrgrr said “I am simply asking why we continue to live in a world where we keep putting money before people and why we actually like it this way”

and i hope i’ve made clear what my one word answer is to your question. ;)

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