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If you had to define your top three Core Values, what would they be and why?

Asked by Holden_Caulfield (1139points) January 30th, 2010

Core Values are directly reflective of an individual and who they are… We all have values, and they can span a multitude of areas… but if you had to choose three for yourself, what would they be? Do you live by them? If so, do they ground you?1?

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kindness, truth, do things right. Yes, I live by them. The world needs a lot more kindness IMO. I do try to do things right not just ‘good enough’. “good enough’ standards go no where but down. And truth is self-explanatory.

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1 never talk about Fight Club
2 never back down
3 never gonna give you up

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@Mike_Hunt You missed an opportunity, there


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honest, deceptive and mostly harmless.

honest because when i chose to be honest i am totally open. its kind of like a mode or setting.

deceptive because i play a lot of poker, i dont trust many people and they get the heavy bullshit, i know how to get what i want and am a good manipulator when i need to be.

mostly harmless, i do as i would have done to me and while some of my views are indeed quite violent and nasty i am quite a pacifist and calm and reasonable.

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A. Compassion, compassion and compassion!
B. Ridiculous work ethic.
C. Freedom of imagination.

The three keep me going all the way around.

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1. Do unto others as I would want done unto me.
2. Listen to what I want
3. Don’t let fear win

I do live out number 1 as well as I can. 2 and 3 are much harder for me.

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@syz I’ve felt that I’ve been rickrolling too many times now

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1) Treat others as you wish to be treated.
2) Leave things how you found them, or better.
3) Don’t forget to brush your teeth.

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1. Honesty
2. Compassion
3. Give a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

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Honesty, honor, courage

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Always do my best for my Husband and my Autistic Son. Always remain positive. Be willing to work hard. Be willing to fight for what is right, just, fear and appropriate . Never give up or back down. I have way more than three but they are all connected.

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I’ve been struggling with this question… at first I thought it would be easy!

Be honest
Don’t be cruel, hurtful, or destructive
Be true to my wife

I think, when it comes to grand-scale, I do honour these things. I didn’t always in the past: I came to value them, and to teach myself to act on that. I can be petty, I make mistakes… on the day-by-day, I don’t always live by these values, on the small-scale. I regret when I don’t, and I don’t always know how to make up for it. (I don’t always think making up for it is possible.)

Anyway, do they ground me? I’m not sure what you mean.

By the way, Holden, my condolences.

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1) Independence
2) Honor
3) Hard Work

1 and 3 work together and prevent me from being a leech on others. 2 covers a lot of other ethical intricacies that I didn’t otherwise list.

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1) Be Nice

2) Be Nice

3) Be a bit Nicer

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard What do you mean by “independence”?

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1) Trust but verify- harder than you think
2) Do the best I can for myself while doing the least amount of harm to others
3) Walk the talk- actions make words all the sweeter and believable

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1.) Refua’h Shlema (Hebrew for “health and well-being)
2.) Tikkun Olam (Hebrew for “perfecting the world,” or working to make the world a better place
3.) Compassion

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@nicobanks, I try to rely on myself and be as self-sufficient as possible.

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1. Love

2. Honor

3. Courage

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@CaptainHarley Beautiful. :) +GA

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1. Be kind and polite
It takes little effort to be nice to people and conduct yourself politely AND it has the added bonus of making a tiny piece of the world a better place.

2. Work hard and be productive
Whatever you choose to do, do your best. Acomplish (at least) a little something every day.

3. Be honest
Lies and manipulation are a cowards way out. Also work hard to be honest with yourself.

I live by these pretty well and have little use for people who don’t.

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1. Love
Without love, life would be hell.
2. Honesty
Being honest is a lot more fun.
3. Health
You can’t really live if your dead. LOL.

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1. Human dignity is inviolable
2. Creativity and imparting knowledge
3. Ability to apply critical thinking

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@CaptainHarley Exactly. Great answer.

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