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What are the most popular TV shows in Portugal?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) January 31st, 2010

What are the most popular TV shows in Portugal, or how do I find ratings for Portuguese TV (I’m finding it hard to find this on Google because I’m not quite sure what to search… I assume the best results will be in Portuguese but don’t know if the Google Translation I got is accurate [it doesn’t seem to be!])

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How I met your mother & The big bang Theory.
The best TV shows ever. Awesome. By the way, i´m Portuguese. xD

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Hum… I am Portuguese too, and I think he/she was speaking about popular, @nunoAfonso .

So… there is Morangos com Açúcar, something like a teen soap opera that most teens see, our portuguese version of American Idol, and, in the moment, I think that’s it on TV. xD Oh, and a lot of MTV. :D

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wow interesting, no i’m not portuguese.

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