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Should I cast a binding spell on someone?

Asked by iamawsome (19points) January 31st, 2010

i want to cast a binding spell on this girl im in love with

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1st.. Are you Wiccan or Pagan? 2.. If your not then you’ve have probably got some information you have no idea what to do with. 3… Even if you were and you could make the spell work, Messing with someone’s free will is Wrong. My answer is NO, you should not.

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No, you must never use spells to bend someone’s will to your own.

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When I practiced witchcraft, I’d use a binding spell on people that I believed were quite interested in harming another through magick and so I bound their powers to prevent harm…I have no clue what you’re talking about when you connect it to love…love spells, it’s more bull than the rest of it.

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Doesn’t a binding spell cause constipation?

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