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what is the meaning of life?

Asked by DiegotheGreat42 (114points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

What does life mean to you?

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I never thought about it that way…

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its holding your newborn for the first time. That is also the meaning of true love.

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good answer jody

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to have a life of meaning

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Smiles, everyone…................Smiles!

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evolutionarily speaking…. To pass on your genetics.

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…as much as possible… happy.

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44 is the meaning….hands down ppl!!

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The meaning of life is for the universe to question and understand itself.

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42 and living life to it’s fullest

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I think life is just like a trip to the high mountain. You have to climb lots of mountains and experience thousands of different moods. Even you will feel tired and exhausted, you will not ignore the beautiful scenes on the road.

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