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If Windows was named, like Apple, after a food, what would it be called?

Asked by simpleD (3644points) February 1st, 2010

No one knows for sure the origin of the name of the Apple Macintosh. It’s guessed that Steve Jobs suggested it to Woz after having worked on a farm. Then Jef Raskin named the project he was in charge of after his favorite apple, the Macintosh. Now we can think of it as an homage to Isaac Newton, as a reference to Steve being a vegetarian, as a tribute to the Beatles…

If Bill Gates had named Windows after a food, what do you think it would be called?

Why Apple’s latest device is named after a feminine hygiene product, we’ll leave for another discussion.

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Limberger cheese

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Some people think the older logo – the rainbow apple with a bite taken out of it – was a homage to Alan Turing, computer science pioneer, who was hounded by the British government for being gay (gay pride -> rainbow), and who died after biting into an apple laced with cyanide (suicide, or carelessness with chemicals according to his mother).

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Greasy French Fries

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Cuz they can be made up super awesome and nice, with all the gadgets in the world…. But in the end you’re still eating something that came out of the dirt and is eventually going to start sprouting crap…... also it may have bugs in it.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop holy shit!!! my answers is fruitcake.

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Stinky Cheese

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I like food too much to insult it in that manner. That even be an insult to food I disdain.

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Sushi. Raw, and you either love it or hate it (In my case hate it)

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Okay, allow me to redirect a bit and make it more challenging and less of an MS bash. You are Bill Gates, and you want to increase likability of Windows by branding it as a food.

Let me try: Microsoft Honeydew (bigger than a Macintosh, but less tasty)

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It is interesting that there is a trend here to be negative towards Microsoft.
Giving such not so favorable food names. That is sad…

I find the best food and the tastiest food is food I have to work for and grow.
I will always prefer a home cooked meal to one that was prepared for me.

Yes, you have to sometimes work a bit to get the most out of the Microsoft System. But I prefer it to a system (and good system) that is pretty much plug and play. Do what I say.

Microsoft is Golden Delicious to me.

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Potato. Because its a staple food, it’s cheap, it goes with anything, and no matter what you do with it, it always tastes good.

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it has more security holes than swiss cheese so….


on the other hand..most people use windows and the number 1 meal in America is meatloaf.

Microsoft Meatloaf 8.0 RC

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