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How do I stop biting my fingernails?

Asked by smile1 (493points) February 1st, 2010

I have this horrible habit!

Ive been trying to stop for a few years, and I cant seem to get the will power to stop…

Any good ideas that do not require bandaging them up?

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think about how dirty they are every time you go to bit them

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I’ve seriously tried…I bite them subconsciously as well as consciously…

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take a break at night and dip your fingers in chocolate , then you will be tired of the sensation and perhaps not chew all day! I don’t know- it sounded good…

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substitution activity…

Start biting your toe nails!

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cut your nails short so you cant bite them.

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Brush a little Bitter Apple or hot pepper juice on your nails.

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When I was little, my mom would put clear nail polish on my nails. It tasted awful. If she had been consistent about it, I have no doubt it would have broken me of the habit. However, since she just did it occasionally, I ended up breaking the habit myself when I got older. If you are consistent about keeping it on, your nails should taste bad enough that you eventually break the subconscious habit of biting them. Good luck!

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My friend ending up getting acrylic nails. She is so money conscious that she couldn’t ruin them.

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Get some worry beads and keep them in your pocket so you can fiddle with them

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My dad put horseradish on his nails to get himself to stop.

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@onesecondregrets- That would never work with me. I love horseradish.

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Have you tried getting manicures? If you paint your nails a bright color you might be more inclined to notice them when you start moving your hands towards your mouth to bite your nails…and if you paint them you might not want to bite them.

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